In support of Gordy Bunch

By: J. Thad Whisenant
| Published 05/02/2014


Dear Editor:

My name is J. Thad Whisenant. I am a Board Certified Family Law attorney in The Woodlands, Texas and the brother-in-law of Texas Senatorial candidate Gordy Bunch. Gordy is running to fill the vacancy in District 4. I wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight and give your readers a firsthand account of a few of Gordy’s accomplishments, based upon personal knowledge, rather than rumor and innuendo.

Gordy did indeed come to The Woodlands in 1995 after he left the U.S. Coast Guard. He moved here to begin his life with my sister-in-law, Michelle. Gordy began looking for a job as soon as he moved here. He was diligently sending out resumes looking for a position to utilize his skills and training as an innovative purchasing agent for the U.S. Coast Guard. Gordy sent his resume to a blind post office box seeking a position as a purchasing agent for an unnamed construction company. As fate would have it, Gordy’s resume was put into the wrong post office box. So, he was surprised to be contacted by a manager with the Texas Farm Bureau insurance agency in Conroe, Texas. As one would expect, Gordy disclosed to the manager that he had not applied for the position as an insurance agent. The manager still wanted to interview Gordy if he was interested. Never afraid of a challenge and seeking opportunity, Gordy agreed to interview for the position as an insurance agent for the Texas Farm Bureau. After the interview, Gordy was excited about the opportunity and accepted the position. Thus, Gordy’s career began with him selling insurance to a broad base of people including rural landowners and suburban homeowners.

As Gordy’s experience broadened and strengthened in the insurance industry, he was provided other opportunities to expand his career by working as an agent for American National Insurance where he started his own insurance agency from scratch. Later, he was once again provided with an opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience by taking a position as a manager with Prudential Insurance Company. At Prudential, Gordy received training and certifications as a full line broker and manager licensed to supervise other brokers. But, Gordy had a bigger vision. He decided to open his own independent insurance agency. This is the exact business, which is now known as TWFG - The Woodlands Financial Group.

Those who say or intimate that Gordy did not start his current business with $10,000 and hard work are just flat wrong. I know because I was there. Gordy and I shared an office for a little over a year when he started his agency. I was the attorney who assisted him in forming the corporations that comprise The Woodlands Financial Group which currently serves the needs of thousands of people.

I do not know many people who have the work ethic and dedication required to do what Gordy has done. He is a rare individual who never shies away from a challenge and who has the intestinal fortitude to accomplish his goals. Gordy does all of this without compromising his core values and is constantly guided by his personal moral compass. I have known him for more than twenty years as a man of high integrity.

Knowing all that I know and witnessing all that I have witnessed about Gordy over the last twenty plus years, the choice for Texas Senate District 4 is easy for me. There is absolutely no better choice than Gordy Bunch. I know that Gordy has what it takes to be effective. I am not trying to belittle or take away from the accomplishments of the other candidates. I don’t need to tear down others to build up Gordy. In my book, he is head and shoulders above the other candidates. I fully acknowledge that each of them is successful in their own right, but not in comparison to Gordy. I am thankful that we have people like Gordy who are still willing to give public service out of a sense of duty rather than out of a quest for personal gain. A sense of duty is exactly what drove Gordy to serve and protect our country in the Coast Guard and it is why Gordy is still willing to provide his service for the benefit of his family, his state and his country.

Please join me and my wife, Molly, in supporting Gordy Bunch for Texas State Senate District 4.

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