'Big Hero 6': Big laughs, lots of fun for the whole family

By: WOL Staff
| Published 11/11/2014


Disney is at it again.

"Big Hero 6" hit theaters November 7 and don't be fooled by this animated feature - theaters are filled with eager children, teens and adults alike. And with a storyline like the one in "Big Hero 6," it's no surprise why.

Meet Hiro, the super-smart, graduated-from-high-school-at-14 main character who has opted not to attend college but instead designs robots. He takes his robots to illegal Bot Fights and makes easy money destroying the competition. His older brother, Tadashi, attends a technical college and is a voice of reason for Hiro. After a quick stop by Tadashi's lab and an introduction to some colorful characters, Hiro turns his attention to getting accepted to the school.

However, in a string of tragic circumstances, Hiro finds himself with an over-sized personal healthcare robot, Baymax, as his partner in fighting a super villain. Baymax is more than just a robot, though, as he reminds Hiro of the importance of friends and controlling his anger. Through thoughtful storytelling, audiences everywhere are falling in love with "Big Hero 6" - a band of superheroes who didn't intend to be, but through the bonds of friendship and their man-made superpowers, have the ability to help those in need.

Fans of Marvel will enjoy the adaption; "Big Hero 6" was originally a comic book. It isn't as much a household name as other Marvel comics, such as "X-Men" or "Captain America," but Disney animation studios has done a superior job of making it one.

"Big Hero 6" has some hilarious scenes and the Disney storytellers will have you falling in love with Baymax, whose main purpose is to provide care that is to your satisfaction. Merchandise is flying off the shelves faster than it can be stocked, as the local Disney stores are sold out of Baymax plush items and the Disney Store online removed the plush after it was sold out over opening weekend.

You'll laugh. You'll cry. And you'll be reminded that there is good in all of us - even a robot.

"Big Hero 6" is rated PG for some violence and death.

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