UPDATE: Woodlands Parkway Petition exceeds more than 3,000 signatures to date

Published 02/26/2015



The latest count on the Gordy Bunch Facebook “Stop The Woodlands Parkway Expansion” petition has exceeded 3,000 signatures. The opposition of The Woodlands residents continues to grow with 40% of the number of votes that defeated the 2011 Road Bond issue already committed. The pace of the protest has accelerated with 65 days to go before May 9 Election Day. The petition gained 1,000 votes in just the last three days.


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - The petition to remove the Woodlands Parkway Expansion from the $350 million Road Bonds proposition for Montgomery County voters has exceeded more than 1,000 signatures in 24 hours, according to Gordy Bunch, community leader and originator of the petition.

The petition calls upon proponents Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and Commissioner Charlie Riley to “listen to the 110,000 residents of The Woodlands who overwhelmingly do not support this expansion” and remove the $22 million now slated for an expansion of Woodlands Parkway beyond The Woodlands boundaries out to Texas 249.

The petition is featured on the Gordy Bunch Facebook page. It goes on to claim Woodlands Parkway does not have the capacity to accommodate a 50% increase in traffic that an extended road would create. Currently, the Road Bonds proposal is planned to be included in the May 9 election.

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