Noted autism specialist spoke with guests on radio program

By: Donna Wick Publicity
| Published 04/11/2015


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Host Paul Louden and featured guests on his “Theories of Mind” radio program examined today’s frontline issues and news concerning autism.

Recently, host Paul Louden was visited by autism spectrum disorder therapist and consultant Kim Isaac-Emery in an episode titled, “Thinking About Thinking.” Louden and Isaac-Emery delved into the cognitive processes involved in the act of thinking itself and how the formation of mental images and concepts differs in those with autism.

On another recent episode, Louden spoke with Janice Magness, the Interim Co-Director of the Burkhart Center for Autism and Education Research. Magness, who is also the director of the center’s Transition Academy for young adults, discussed the center’s work in helping young adults with autism face the challenges involved in making the changeover to more independent work and living environments. The Burkhart Center, located on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, provides services for individuals with autism as well as their families and the professionals who work with them.

Louden was also recently joined by award-winning author and speaker Kerry Magro and parent volunteer Garrett Neuman, both of Autism Speaks, a leading autism science and advocacy organization, who discussed the newly enacted Achieving a Better Life Experience Act. Signed into law by President Obama late last year with bipartisan support, the ABLE Act allows for the creation of tax-exempt savings accounts to be used toward the lifetime care of family members with disabilities. The next step is for states to pass their own enablement legislation. Currently, the Texas State Senate has referred such legislation to the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce. Neuman is also the Texas Chair of Autism Votes, an initiative of Autism Speaks, which seeks support from elected officials for a change in state laws to require that private health insurance policies cover the diagnosis and treatment of autism.

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