A message from Gordy Bunch

By: Gordy Bunch
| Published 08/13/2015


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - Our county commissioners and County Judge have proven to be tone deaf and politically clueless by first ignoring the will of the majority of county voters who defeated their May 9th Bond proposition, and now the commissioners are voting themselves a 10% pay raise.

The citizens of Montgomery County are paying attention and recognize that the commissioners have done nothing to justify any kind of raise, let alone a 10% raise, especially while most homeowners are experiencing 10% increases in their property assessments.

Comparing Montgomery to other county's practices to justify this ludicrous increase is a ploy to justify their all-too-transparent greed. They did not mention that they now will be paid more than the Harris County commissioners who represent more than a million citizens. Oh, and you will be paying for their cell phones, too. None of these shady politicians are conservatives. Their day of reckoning will come when the same 57% and more of the voters who rejected their poorly planned bond issue will rise up to end their nefarious political careers.

The 10% tax increase inflicted on every resident in Montgomery County is unconscionable and justification enough to demand that the Judge and commissioners repeal their planned increases.

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