Township Candidate Meyer Demonstrates wicked sense of humor for Halloween

By: Committee to Elect Chuck Meyer
| Published 11/02/2015


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - On his Elect Chuck Meyer Facebook Page, candidate Chuck Meyer Posted the following tongue-in-cheek Top Ten list of ways to support his campaign.

"It's not over until it is over! I can win my race for the Township Board with your help. Here are the Top 10 ways you can help! (With apologies to David Letterman):

10. Stop by any coffee shop 10 times in The Woodlands (Dosey Doe or The Coffee Company will do -- Starbucks will work, just not as well) and ask them if the Barista will give you a "Chuck Meyer" with a shot! If they ask what that is, tell them it is a latte with honey in the bottom, with a shot of espresso and a chaser that is a vote for Chuck on Tuesday. Explain that the vote in important to give Chuck a shot a winning! The victory and the drink are sweetest at the very end!

9. Stop at Crush Wine Bar and buy 10 random people a glass of wine, preferably red. Ask them to vote for the candidate whose signs at the polls are also red, so he can crush the opposition. If they have already voted for someone else in early voting, tell them they will feel less guilty for taking the glass of wine from you if they find someone else at the Wine Bar prepared to vote for Chuck Meyer on Tuesday and bring them to you so you can by them a glass.

8. Stop by 10 houses on your street and introduce yourself to your neighbors. You probably haven't met them even though you have lived on the street for a long time. We just aren't good at meeting neighbors sometimes, are we? After you introduce them, ask them if they voted for their neighbor Chuck Meyer for the Township Board. When they ask where I live, don't lie, just say "Well, in The Woodlands, in the neighboring village. He moved here in 1995" Even though you could pull it off, don't tell them I moved into the house that just sold down the street. That wouldn't be very neighborly of you. But telling them where to vote for me on Election Day would be!

7. Call Chuck's campaign number, (832) 982-2648, and ask for 10 signs. Make sure his staff knows that you mean campaign signs, not omens that Chuck is going to win. When the signs are delivered, call up 10 friends who are good sports and can take a joke. Tell them you have some modern artwork for their yard -- An original work by an independent artist that will have people talking about the content in a good way. Then deliver the signs. If they fell cheated, tell them they should vote for me on Tuesday so that I can help them get revenge on you. And so that I can stop the proliferation of modern art in The Woodlands. If you don't want to pull off the joke, just find 10 friends to put out my sign in their yard and vote for me on Tuesday. Not as much fun, but hey, 10 votes is 10 votes.

6. Find 10 Facebook friends, and share this post on their site. Tell them that you will tell the world they don't have a sense of humor if they delete the post before election day. And remind them to vote for me on Tuesday!

5. Go to a bank and ask them for 10$ in 2 dollar bills. Visit 10 banks if you have to, but I have found them at BBVA Compass and at Wells Fargo frequently. Or try Cadence Bank at Whole Foods. Write "Elect Chuck Meyer" IN PENCIL on top of Thomas Jefferson's head. The visit your favorite place of worship this weekend and throw all five bills in the collection. Go to the steward or chief collection manager or usher in charger of the collection and offer to buy back the bills for 10 dollars. When he or she asks what you want to do that, just tell him or her that you always wanted to try a two buck chuck, and you now have it out of your system. Then donate them to my campaign to show me you actually did this stunt. If you don't want to go through this effort, just visit my website and donate $10. I won't call you a spoil sport: I will graciously accept your donation!

4. Use your Twitter account, follow @ElectChuckMeyer and @OfCounselLawyer and sent out a tweet mentioning 10 friends who vote in The Woodlands telling them that need to follow @ElectChuckMeyer, vote Tuesday for Chuck Meyer, and then Tweet that they have voted for me. If you don't have a twitter account, get one or borrow one from any teenager. I will check to see if those you tweeted actually voted, Props to, but no prize for, the person who has the highest percentage of the 10 friends actually vote and also tweet me they have. Choose wisely -- your pride is on the line!

3. Go into your pantry and find 9 items you are willing to donate to the Montgomery County Food Bank. Take a photograph of the items before you donate them, post the photo on Pinterest or your FaceBook page with the caption -- "Here is a way you can do 10 good things for the community -- donate 9 food items to the Food Bank and Elect Chuck Meyer - Vote for Chuck on Election Day!" And then visit the food bank, donate the food and directly challenge 10 of your friends to do the same!

2. Go to the local animal shelter and adopt a male dog! Encourage your friends to do the same. Name your new trustworthy friend a cute voting theme name, like "The Donald" or "Sir Edmund HIllary" or "Hanging Chad" or "Jeb!" or God Forbid, "Voter for Chuck." Encourage 10 of your friends to do the same and also vote for me. Send me the photo, and I will substitute your dog's photo for mine. I will not pay for your dog food. Sorry!

And the number one way to help my campaign?

1. Do all 10 of these and send me proof, or just simply donate 10 x $10 = $100 to my campaign, and I will name you a "Chuck's Champion." Offer void in Quebec and outside The Woodlands!

About Chuck Meyer

Chuck Meyer, his wife of 32 years, Monika Voigt Meyer, and his three daughters Kathryn, Emily and Laura, have lived in The Woodlands for most of the past twenty years. For three of those twenty years, the Meyer Family lived outside London, England, while Chuck served as the head of BlackBerry Europe. During that time, Monika and Chuck maintained their residence in The Woodlands, maintaining their home in Alden Bridge before returning to The Woodlands in 2004 to a home in Panther Creek.

The Meyer children have been educated in both public and private schools in The Woodlands since 1998. Currently, Emily and Laura are still in high school -- Emily in a special needs program at College Park High School, and Laura at the John Cooper School, where she is on the Honor Committee and a co-captain on the cheer squad. His eldest daughter, Kathryn, is an academic facilitator responsible for a peer tutoring program at Texas Tech. Emily is a Juvenile Batten Disease victim. For more information on Juvenile Batten Disease, please visit or use “Juvenile Batten Disease” as a search phrase on your search engine.

Chuck has had a long career in engineering, law, business and as a patent professional protecting, defending and exploiting the intellectual property of others. Currently, Chuck is building up his own firm, Law Firm of Chuck Meyer, PLLC, through which he serves small and medium size entrepreneurial companies as a technology lawyer, patent attorney, and business counsellor. He also serves as a part-time appellate prosecutor for Hardin County, Texas, and, with his wife, is a managing member of i2i Resolutions Group, LLC, through which he provides mediation and arbitration services.

He is an active member of several community, professional and political organizations, including The Woodlands Rotary Club, which in 2015 named him a Paul Harris Fellow for his service on the public relations committee of the Club. Chuck is also a member of The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce, the Houston International Arbitrators Club and the Knights of Columbus Council 12327, which meets at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, where he is a parishioner. He is a former visiting assistant professor of intellectual property law at the University of Houston Law Center and at the University of Pittsburgh Law School.

Chuck began his professional career as an electronics engineer with the Department of Defense in the Pentagon. After a few years, he transferred to the US Patent and Trademark Office to become a patent examiner in the software-implemented inventions unit. While a patent examiner, Chuck put himself through law school at night at the American University’s Washington College of Law. After graduation, Chuck became a judicial law clerk for a United States District Court Judge in Honolulu, Hawaii. Two years later, Chuck was appointed as a judicial law clerk to a Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court.

In 2005, he earned a graduate degree in law from the University of Oxford, England, having earlier obtained a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, an M.S. degree in Operations Research from George Washington University and a JD degree from the Washington College of Law of the American University. He has had a varied and successful career as an engineer, a patent examiner, a judicial law clerk, a lawyer in both private practice and in-house with two corporations (Compaq (now HP) and Research In Motion (now BlackBerry), a partner in a national virtual law firm, FisherBroyles LLP, and more recently in his own firm, Law Firm of Chuck Meyer, PLLC, as discussed above.

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