Chuck Meyer endorses Kristin Bays for the Montgomery County 410th judicial position

By: Chuck Meyer
| Published 05/18/2016


To the Republican Voters in Montgomery County:

The Woodlands, TX, - Chuck Meyer, recently-elected At-large Delegate to the National Republican Party Convention and Candidate in the March 1st primary election for the 410th Judicial District, announced today his “unequivocal support” for 410th run-off candidate, Kristin Bays.

In speaking to a group of voters in The Woodlands, Meyer had the following to say about his endorsement of Bays: “When I ran for the 410th, I got to know my opponents quite well, and Kristin Bays has consistently demonstrated across the board that she is the better candidate for the bench than her run-off opponent. Kristin is an incredibly gifted, hard-working lawyer who will be able handle a civil docket better than anyone currently in the race, or in the race from the beginning, which means that I believe she will be a better judge in the 410th for civil cases than her current opponent or I would be! This is not a statement that most candidates make lightly, but when I saw her recent argument before the Texas Supreme Court, I was most impressed with her intellect, and her sense of a logical approach to the law, the latter of which I am sad to say her opponent has never demonstrated to me at any time during this campaign. Indeed, I was very impressed, and I am honored to endorse Kristin in this run-off race."

"Initially, I had not planned on endorsing in this race, but when the Texas Patriots PAC demonstrated that it did not have the capability of discerning that Kristin Bays was heads and shoulders above her opponent, intellectually and ethically, I felt the need to weigh in to let those who voted for me in the primary know that Kristin is the choice they should strongly consider if they want a candidate who shares my pro-life values, constitutional approach to adjudication of disputes and a commitment to ethics that goes beyond the mere adherence to the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct. I announce this endorsement after I have met one-on-one with each candidate, and after I have prayed for guidance to do the right thing in this matter. I have no reservations in endorsing, unequivocally, Kristin Bays to be the Republican nominee for the 410th District Court."

Meyer placed third in the March 1st primary, garnering nearly 15,000 votes in the Montgomery County-wide election. On May 15th, he was elected at the Texas GOP State Convention to represent Republicans throughout the state as an at-large delegate to Republican Party National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July. Media Contact: Chuck Meyer, +12812961680 or

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