LVGU Permit Modifications Coming Soon

By: Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District
| Published 02/10/2019


CONROE, Texas -- In January 2019, the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District’s Board of Directors entered into a settlement agreement with the parties involved in litigation stemming from 2015. The agreement will result in the LVGU Rule (part of Phase IIB of the District Regulatory Plan) becoming void. It will also set the stage for the dismissal of the appeal and other claims and allow for a Final Judgment to be rendered.

The Final Judgment will take effect in the near future and will only affect the LVGU Permits that incorporate the LVGU Rule. Once the Final Judgment is signed, LVGU Permit owners/holders will receive additional notification regarding the date on which the modification to the permits will take place.

To view the notification letter sent to the owners/holders of LVGU Permits, click here.

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