Local Realtors and Friends Tackle Hunger With Some Peanut Butter and Jelly

By: Teena Sandberg
| Published 08/20/2019


HOUSTON, TX -- group of 18 local business people and a few retired folks got together last week, put on hairnets, aprons and earplugs and after a brief but detailed orientation stepped into the manufacturing plant to start their 4 hour shift . Volunteers have been operating this Peanut Butter cannery since 1980 which is located in the Welfare Complex of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just off of I-45 & 1960 on Hafer Road. Corporate volunteers have been coming to the facility since 2003. It is estimated that over 6000 corporate volunteers have worked here since that time . ExxonMobil was the first corporation to participate in the production of peanut butter for the Houston Food Bank. The group featured in this photo are part of the Associate Agents Group of Van Joslin Group – eXp Realty and friends. The Van Joslins have been organizing their yearly shift since they found out about the program . “Last year was the first year the cannery made over 1 million jars for the Food Banks and “Feed America” programs and we were a small part of this ,” proudly states Hank Van Joslin.

Peanut Butter Factory is not just another volunteer shift!

If you and your company are interested in an excellent team building experience, as well as a very rewarding service project please contact Tommy Cheney at 713-542-8955 for details. Organizers indicate that it is not necessary to bring a group, there is always a need for individuals to fill in . You will be full of joy knowing that you have contributed to providing a nourishing meal/snack for someone in need and you will also be able to enjoy filling your belly with delicious creamy , no additives peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during the breaks .

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