“Robo Tripping” Teen Drug Trend

By: Caitilin, Espinosa
| Published 09/26/2019


Fort Bend County, TX -- The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has recently become aware of a current teen drug trend called, “Robo Tripping” which involves a product called, Robo Cough.

Robo Cough is a product marketed as a powerful cough suppressant that can be purchased through Amazon. It has been brought to our attention that this dangerous product is being manufactured in Katy, Texas.

The bottles are 1.52 fl oz and list the active ingredient as a concentrated dose of Dextromethorpham HBr (DXM), which is also the active ingredient in most over-the-counter cough suppressants.

It has been reported teens are consuming this product for recreational use, and in some cases with adverse effects and overdose.

According to reports from parents of affected children and social media, this product is only being used to get high.

Two Fort Bend County families came to the Sheriff’s Office to share their stories. Two juvenile males had taken Robo Cough along with cough suppressant pills and they were found unresponsive by a parent.

Both teens were rushed to a local hospital and treated.

We would like to inform the public, especially teens and parents, of the dangers of taking this “legal” drug incorrectly.

Rough Cough is not illegal, therefore the Sheriff’s Office is not able to open a criminal investigation.

*Please watch our PSA for more information. The families have asked to stay anonymous.*

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