NewLotusMoon Celebrates Their First Anniversary in The Woodlands A Jewelry and Fair Trade Boutique Locally Owned and Operated

By: Molly England
| Published 11/06/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX - November 2019 marks NewLotusMoon’s first anniversary in The Woodlands, Texas. NewLotusMoon, located in the Grogan’s Mill Village Center, provides The Woodlands with hand- wrought sterling silver jewelry and affordable fair trade products and art from around the world.

A resident of The Woodlands since 2005, artist and business owner Rebecca Schner was awarded a blue ribbon at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival as the top Emerging Artist of 2016. Inspired to expand within her community, Schner realized her dream and founded NewLotusMoon Jewelry & Fair Trade Boutique in November 2018: an artist’s studio space connected to a retail venue.

Rebecca Schner, owner of NewLotusMoon explains, “NewLotusMoon carefully creates and chooses jewelry and gift items that form a connection. It may be to mark an anniversary, a way to remember a special moment or perhaps even a talisman or amulet of spiritual significance. We get great joy in creating or finding you that piece that helps to tell or even re-write your own personal story. Our ability to create and spread happiness is what makes us happy—and happy artists mean happy customers.”

NewLotusMoon is more than a local, independently owned business, it’s a part of a growing community of businesses aimed at countering the homogenous shopping experience across the country. NewLotusMoon customer Molly England explains, “There’s a community of consumers and business owners who value local, independent businesses and ethically sourced, fair trade products: Rebecca Schner is at the forefront of the shop local movement.”

In the years to come, NewLotusMoon plans to continue serving the community by selling beautifully curated jewelry, gifts, and apparel. NewLotusMoon thrives on the support from The Woodlands residents and surrounding areas and values customers who are looking for a personalized shopping experience. At NewLotusMoon there’s an abundance of ethically-sourced jewelry, fair trade textiles and gift items from around the world and hand-wrought sterling silver jewelry crafted on site. Connection is key. At NewLotusMoon customers find the perfect gift, fostering connection with their community and the world.

To learn more, visit or contact Rebecca Schner at 346-299-5440. Follow NewLotusMoon on Instagram @NewLotusMoon, Facebook @NewLotusMoonJewelry, and Twitter @NewLotusMoon1. NewLotusMoon is located in the Grogan's Mill Village Center, 2260 Buckthorne Pl #179, The Woodlands, TX 77380.

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