The Montgomery County Food Bank Assisting Houston Food Bank

By: Liz Grimm
| Published 11/22/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The Montgomery County Food Bank is coming to the aid of their partner in hunger relief, the Houston Food Bank, with three truckloads of fresh produce. After last week’s ammonia leak precipitated the disposal of 1.8M pounds of grocery product, the Houston Food Bank is scrambling to make sure holiday food is still available to those they serve. “When I heard that much of what was lost was produce, I knew we could help,” said Allison Hulett, President & CEO of the Montgomery County Food Bank. “With our Produce Rescue Center, we keep an abundant supply of fresh produce. I called my crew and told them to send what we could. The Houston Food Bank supports us in so many ways, we are honored to be able to assist them during this emergency.” The Montgomery County Food Bank and Houston Food Bank are two of the twenty one food banks located in Texas providing hunger relief to those in need. Donations can be made at or

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