Hurricane Season Ends Today

By: US National Weather Service Houston-Galveston Texas
| Published 11/30/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- November 30 marks Traditional End of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic.

18 Named Storms, 6 Hurricanes, 3 Major Hurricanes

• In South Texas

• Hurricane Barry made landfall nearby in Louisiana, with little impacts for Southeast

• Tropical Storm Imelda became the United States' 7th wettest tropical syclone, as the
storm and its remnants caused significant flooding for our area.

• Elsewhere in the Atlantic

• Hurricane Dorian devastated parts of the Bahamas where it made landfall and stalled as a
Category 5 hurricane, with winds of 185 mph.

• Hurricane Lorenzo became the easternmost Category 5 hurricane on record in the Atlantic.

• Hurricane Pablo was the easternmost hurricane on record in the Atlantic.

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