Locally Owned Dive and Swim Center Opens in North Houston

By: Gary Conner
| Published 12/28/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (December 27, 2019) – A locally owned dive and swim center opens in The Woodlands January 2020. As the only dive center in The Woodlands, the center will provide certified scuba training, sell and rent dive gear from major scuba brands, provide quality equipment maintenance, offer fun destination scuba travel, and provide first-rate aquatic facilities.

With eight multilevel Scuba Schools International (SSI) certified dive instructors and seven dive masters, the center will provide a multitude of class meeting the training and equipment needs for beginners and certified divers who are looking to take their training to the next level. In addition, Dr Mike DeLitta, SSI Instructor Trainer will be our SSI Course Director

The retail center will provide divers access to equipment from brands including Aqua Lung, Apex, and Atomic.

Additionally, the swim center provides aquatic facilities for certified swim instructions to provide private, semi-private, and group swim lessons in a 40-foot long swimming pool.

Thinking about trying scuba diving? Visit the center and “Try Scuba” to get comfortable with the scuba gear and being underwater before paying for and going through the entire open water course.

Contact Woodlands Dive Center at 281-367-6664 or Woodlands Swim Center at 281-367-7566 for additional information.

About Woodlands Dive Center | Woodlands Swim Center
Woodlands Dive Center and Woodlands Swim Center is owned by two diving enthusiasts, Gary Conner and Justin Adcock. Gary is a Divemaster Instructor with over 850 dives from across the world and as a divemaster, Justin has over 330 dives worldwide with commercial diving experience. This mission of the Woodlands Dive Center is to deliver first-rate services to divers and students and ensure each person is trained to the highest possible standard but also share the passion of scuba diving with others. For more information about Woodland Dive Center, visit www.woodlandsdivecenter.com Also, follow us on Facebook @woodlandsdivecenter

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