Montgomery County MUD No. 46 Notice of Retail Water and Sewer Rate Increase

By: The Woodlands Water Agency
| Published 01/18/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- We have approved a retail rate increase, effective January 2020. Wholesale rates from the San Jacinto River Authority / Woodlands Division increased about 4 percent in September 2019. The retail rate increase is intended to recover much of the additional wholesale water and sewer expense – about $250,000 annually.

Listed below is a comparison of the previous and new rates:

Base Residential Water Rate
Previous: $5.00
New: $6.25

Base Residential Sewer Service Rate
Previous: $10.50
New: $11.75

Base Commercial Water Rate
Previous: $8.15
New $9.40

Base Commercial Sewer Service
Previous: $11.25
New: $12.50

This rate change will increase the average monthly bill, assuming residential usage of 10,000 gallons water and 6,000 gallons sewer, from $82.77 to $85.28 – about 3 percent.

In October 2019, we chose not to use tax revenue to offset the wholesale rate increase and adopted a lower effective rate of $0.20974 per $100 in value for 2019 compared to $0.21250 per $100 for tax year 2018. This saved the average taxpayer about $12 for the year.

If you have questions regarding this retail rate increase, please contact our Customer Accounts Department at 855-H2O-SAVE, extension 3, or use for questions via email.

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