Grogan's Mill Randalls Closing

By: Grogan's Mill Village Association
| Published 01/23/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The intent of this communication is to update Grogan’s Mill residents on our current understanding regarding the future of the Randalls property. Please note that this communication is based upon our unofficial understanding of the facts at hand at this specific time. We offer it up in good faith in inform the citizens of Grogan’s Mill. Consequently, we take no responsibility should future facts or circumstances change.

The Woodlands Township received notice on January 10 that two Randalls grocery stores in The Woodlands would be closing, including the store in the Grogan’s Mill Village Center. The date for the closings is on or before February 15, There has been speculation on what could be the future for the Grogan’s Mill property once Randalls departs. Then following is our understanding of the current situation.

A deed restriction dating from 1996 indicates that the Randalls property in Grogan’s Mill can only be used as a retail grocery store, which means that condos or apartments cannot be built. At this time, no amendments to change this deed restriction have been found in Montgomery County title records. However, to properly manage expectations, unequivocal confirmation is required.

Some Township directors have talked with Randalls and knowledgeable property managers, and have reviewed the ownership of the property. The property underlying the Randalls building and adjacent parking area is owned by Randalls which is a subsidiary of Albertson’s. The value of the property is $3,500,000 according to MCAD. The Initial Land Use Designation (ILUD), which is essentially the zoning plan for The Woodlands Village Centers, requires that the property be used for commercial use but not manufacturing or warehousing. It is important to understand that the ILUD is separate from the deed restriction discussed above. In order for the ILUD to change, the current owner, the Woodlands Development Company and the Design Standards Committee would all have to approve. Since the DSC is controlled by residents a change would be unlikely.

The Woodlands Township Board has designated the Economic Development Committee (Directors Snyder, Reiser and Brown) to reach out to find potential tenants to move into the Randalls space. The Grogan's Mill Village Association has volunteered to help the EDC seek new tenants and we will be coordinating with the existing local merchants. The store will probably remain empty for several months and the existing merchants in the center are at great risk to lose some business. We urge all of the residents of Grogan’s Mill to shop at the Village Center and in particular enjoy the new Blue Lion Pub that is opening soon, next to the liquor store. With careful planning with key stakeholders and through coordination with the Grogan’s Mill Village Center property owners, our vision is for a revitalized and vibrant shopping area to emerge.

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