At-home workouts to avoid the Quarantine 15

By: JD Hurd II
| Published 03/23/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Staying home is a crucial step in decreasing the spread of coronavirus. However, staying home doesn’t mean you have to sit around and gain the “Quarantine-15” while we slow down COVID-19. Try these three workout options from the comfort of your home until your gym opens again:

VillaSport - Les Mills Virtual Workouts

Many in The Woodlands community frequent VillaSport to stay in shape. With the club temporarily closed, their site highlights the Les Mills On-demand At-Home Workouts. A total of 118 workouts that includes high intensity interval training, workouts for kids, and everything in between. ONLINE LINK

YMCA - Virtual YMCA Live

YMCA is another popular destination that has also temporarily closed its doors. Their solution to at-home workouts is virtual workouts and Virtual YMCA Live. The virtual workouts section features various online platforms providing a wide range of exercise programs, such as YMCA 360. YMCA Live provides live workout and activity classes throughout the day. You can find everything from Zumba classes to devotionals. ONLINE LINK

Blogilates - 14-Day Quarantine Workout Plan

Blogilates is a popular fitness blog with millions of followers on various social media platforms. The site has created a 14-day circuit workout plan that works abs, cardio, upper and lower body, and more. Each day includes six to seven exercises that can be done four times in about 25-30 minutes. ONLINE LINK

These workouts are just a few of the many available all over the internet. Take a break from binge watching your favorite show and try an at-home workout today!

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