Expansive Outdoor Spaces at The Woodlands Hills and Bridgeland Provide Unique Opportunity for Residents to Connect with Nature

By: Lorrie Parise
| Published 04/06/2020


HOUSTON, TX - Two properties by The Howard Hughes Corporation® (NYSE: HHC) are setting a new standard with their dynamic approach to open green spaces. The Woodlands Hills® and Bridgeland®, the top-selling master planned community in the Greater Houston area, exemplify the company’s commitment to innovative placemaking with a focus on sustainability and integration with the natural environment. In a time when staying at home and practicing social distancing is of the upmost importance, these communities have a positive impact on the lives of residents, offering families the opportunity to enjoy a natural outdoor setting.

“Health and wellness have become a driver for development as people look for open spaces in which they can pursue outdoor recreation within walking or biking distance to their homes,” said Heath Melton, Executive Vice President of MPC Residential for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “We are at the forefront of understanding the importance of community development that offers an active lifestyle along with an exceptional residential experience—and that open green space can serve a critical role in both instances.”

Physical activity and engagement with a natural setting are two driving elements of Bridgeland and The Woodlands Hills’ shared approach to building a sustaining, family-friendly community. The ample open space and parks offered in these two communities are shining examples of how to bridge nature with development to create a compatible space for people and wildlife.

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) recently honored The Howard Hughes Corporation with special recognition for several projects within The Woodlands Hills and Bridgeland at the 2020 Park and Natural Areas Awards. Founders Park in The Woodlands Hills and Lakeland Heights Town Square Park in Bridgeland both earned special recognition in the Projects Over $500,000 category. Bridgeland received the distinction for Chrysalis Lake under the Planning category.

Founders Park, a 17-acre village park in The Woodlands Hills, is designed to reflect the natural beauty of the land and seamlessly fit together within the site to enhance user experiences. The Activity Center, designed by Studio Red, has a versatile event space that fully opens to the event terrace for indoor and outdoor events. The architecture is designed to reflect the character of the land and is situated on site to take full advantage of the natural topography.

Lakeland Heights Town Square Park, located in Lakeland Village in Bridgeland, is surrounded by homesites on all sides, serving as a recreational hub for the neighborhood. A custom pavilion offers residents ample shade and seating along with traditional and non-traditional play equipment for users of all ages.

Chrysalis Lake will be a main element in Prairieland Village, the third of four villages in Bridgeland, located on the west side of Grand Parkway and scheduled to launch in late 2020. Chrysalis Lake is part of the first phase of an extensive green stormwater management system that will ribbon through Prairieland Village. This development will be framed by streets that incorporate water capture, conveyance and cleansing into the right of way, reserves and park spaces—with Chrysalis Lake playing an important role.

H-GAC established the Parks and Natural Areas Awards program in 2006 to highlight best practices and innovative approaches to parks planning and implementation. H-GAC honors projects in the categories of Projects Over $500,000, Projects Under $500,000, Planning Process and Policy Tools. The program recognizes outstanding parks and natural areas around the region. No funding is associated with this award program.

“It has always been our plan to combine innovative environmental sustainability with recreation—which is a key part of the evolution of residential living that is taking place in both Bridgeland and The Woodland Hills,” said Melton.“ These parks and open spaces allow residents to enjoy fresh air and sunshine during a time when people need it the most. Health and wellness are more important now than ever before and utilizing this time to make memorable experiences with our loved ones provides a welcome opportunity to feel good, both mentally and physically.”

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