SJRA tells Montgomery County to “chew” on this

By: Simon Sequeira, President of Quadvest
| Published 05/06/2020


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- Does the SJRA have a conscience? As the entire world struggles with the most life changing event of our time, SJRA holds a meeting to determine how much they are going up on water rates. In the meeting, after acknowledging a potential rate increase of 14.5%, Ron Kelling, the Deputy General manager of the SJRA tells Montgomery County (MOCO) to “chew on these numbers.”

Utilities across this nation have stopped disconnecting service for non-payment to help ease the financial burden on people. In Harris County, the North Harris County Regional Water Authority, realizing the gravity of the situation, just announced a delay in any rate increases. But SJRA, not only demands payment in full, they are planning a rate increase.

The SJRA has a history of kicking Montgomery County when it is down. You may recall, just before 5pm on March 27th, 2020, the day Judge Mark Keough issued the stay at home order for Montgomery County, SJRA filed more lawsuits against three cities in MOCO. SJRA filed the suits because earlier that day, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against SJRA’s multi- year lawsuit related to water rates. So while residents of MOCO prepared to face the virus, SJRA unleashed their own weapon. Their weapon? Taxpayer funded lawsuits against their very own constituents. It infects us all. Here is the test: look at your water bill. If your bill has doubled in the last few years; you’re infected.

Here's the Cure-

Every political leader in Montgomery County needs to stand up, be counted and protect their constituents. Tell the SJRA that no rate increase will be tolerated in 2020. The SJRA has $57 Million of cash on hand. That is more than enough to get them through the year. If the SJRA refuses to back down, then our political leaders must be prepared to defend us, now.

For the first time ever, SJRA comes under sunset review. Every political leader in Montgomery County needs to write to the Sunset Committee demanding a hearing, here, in MOCO, and be prepared to testify on behalf of all residents.

SJRA’s Board of Directors -

Lloyd Tisdale

Ronnie Anderson

Mark Micheletti

Kareen Cambio

Ed Boulware

Jim Alexander

Brenda Cooper

You cannot allow this type of abuse to continue. If you do not do something, then you are as guilty as the rest of them.

“Chew on this?” We’re not swallowing it.

Simon Sequeira

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