Red Door Realty & Associates Aids In The Fight Against Human Trafficking

By: Robert Cantu
| Published 07/27/2020


HOUSTON, TX -- The Houston based real estate company Red Door Realty & Associates, founded in 2008, has partnered with A 2nd Cup. A Houston nonprofit organization that aids in bringing awareness of human trafficking and helping those who have been victimized get a 2nd Chance.

Christi Harvey owner/agent of Red Door Realty & Associates were first approached about A 2nd Cup by Robert Cantu a student at the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business’s Program for Excellence in Selling. The University partnered with 3M to start a summer initiative utilizing the programs top sales students to aid local nonprofits. Christi Harvey and Jill Henderson co-owners were both touched by the passion behind this initiative. The Red Door Foundation is also involved with assisting nonprofits, which is founded by Christi Harvey and Jill Henderson.

A 2nd Cup is a coffee shop located in the Houston Heights. They aim to educate the community, collaborate with other allies, and invest in survivor aftercare programs. Their revenue has decreased significantly these past few months because of the current pandemic, and it has made it difficult for this organization to carry its mission. Survivors still need care and Houston is ranked number one in cities for human trafficking. It is important for organizations like A 2nd Cup to receive as much support as possible to better our community.

Red Door Realty & Associates feels very strongly about this organization especially because of recent events. Their red door symbolizes warmth and hospitality and during these times they are expanding that hospitality beyond their clients and homeowners. The real estate company has already made a generous donation towards their Thrive Pro Bono donation drive and are looking to help even more. They have asked their hundreds of agents to aid this organization and encouraged them to reach with in their networks to support as well.

Even through these difficult times Red Door Realty & Associates are doing what they can to help important organizations. Visit their website and Facebook page to read more about this great company.

Please answer the call they have sent out. Donate to Thrive Pro Bono and help end human trafficking. Each Donation received A 2nd Cup will also give back and provide food to front line workers and homeless shelters.

Please help and donate what you can no amount is too little.
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