MCTX Precinct 3 Commissioner responds to false information regarding Tachus in The Woodlands

By: JD Hurd II
| Published 08/26/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack has released the following statement regarding fiber optic cable installation in The Woodlands area:

“This flier being circulated in neighborhoods of The Woodlands where Tachus had been installing fiber-optic cable is an absolute lie.

Neither Precinct 3 nor Montgomery County authorized or issued any permits allowing Tachus to bore. That is because, by statute, Montgomery County cannot issue permits for utilities, including telecommunications companies, to install lines. The Texas Utilities Code provides utilities the authority to lay and maintain lines in public rights of way.

Homeowners should be knowledgeable of the utility easement/right of way in their yards where gas, water, sewer, electric, and telecommunications companies can legally install lines. Residents should contact the utility company doing the work if there is any damage to personal property.

That said, Precinct 3 will continue to be proactive in communicating issues and concerns with all utilities and work within its power to protect residents and their properties.”

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