Entergy Transformer failure in The Woodlands Update

By: Gordy Bunch
| Published 08/30/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- 6:20 pm Update on Entergy Transformer failure in The Woodlands.

1. Entergy Transformer failure in The Woodlands is impacting around 600 households. Expecting to have repairs completed this evening within 4-6 hours from time of initial outage.

2. Beaumont area still has 3,000 customers without power anticipating those to be restored by tomorrow afternoon.

3. Port Arthur still has 23,000 without power. 1,100 lineman working to restore power but this will still be a couple of days. Some will be coming online tomorrow and depends on service line damages.

4. Orange has extensive damage with 3,000 lineman working to repair 654 downed poles and 217k mile of down wire.

5. All Entergy TX Power Plants are back at full capacity. Still operating off 2 of 8 transmission lines. Getting additional transmission lines will help with load balance needs.

4:30PM An Entergy Transormer blew at Research Forest near Cochren's Crossing and Faith Bible Church. This made a loud noise in the area and started a small grass fire. TWFD is on scene putting out the fire.

Power is out in the areas served by this transformer. Entergy in route for repairs.

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