VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa Asked Community Members in The Woodlands Area How They Stay Fit During the Pandemic; Check Out Their Creative Answers

By: Woodlands Online
| Published 10/16/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa gave away free day passes to individuals who entered their contest describing ways in which they are staying fit during this unusual pandemic. Each comment entry automatically won a VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa Day Pass and was eligible to also win a $100 VillaSport Club gift card. The contest ran from October 7 through October 13.

Here are some of the answers submitted by community members:

• I am currently swimming at the lake! Cycling around town and running area parks and the waterway! Weights and Stretch bands at home! Playing catch with dogs and Chase too! You need to see this with my Pitbull mix at 80lbs! He is a toddler??????

• Through this pandemic I have been staying fit by walking the woodlands trails with my dog Woody, and spending some quality time with my husband doing yoga on the patio at home.

• I've been staying in shape by doing at home YouTube workouts and going to the park for a walk when the weather is nice.

• From lifting my 12-pound cat endless times a day, pacing around my home office while on the phone, to swimming with friends, to running with my husband to walking around the neighborhood seeing Halloween decorations, I’m doing everything I can to stay fit.

• I bike ride past this beautiful facility all the time because I live so close and it’s along the bike path that I use almost every day. I have received a facial in the spa and got to spend the day at Villa and it was the greatest experience I could have.

• Staying fit has been a challenge during this time, for sure! When the gyms were initially closed, my kids and husband were working from home, so I was having trouble finding the time and space to workout. We did a lot of baking; and the homemade donuts and goodies my teenagers started making gradually added unwanted and unhealthy pounds. However, I bought some new wireless earbuds and began running, especially now that the weather has cooled somewhat. I hope to begin adding in more equipment and dietary changes so that I can lose the weight before the holidays. I may also add yoga back in as well for flexibility. I enjoy varied workouts and see the best results when I add strength training to my cardio workouts.

• I do triathlons so my main workouts are running, swimming and biking. I also do weights a couple of days a week. Since most of what I do is outside, I haven’t missed much at all during Covid. Swimming in my backyard pool was the biggest adjustment! And with almost all of the races cancelled this year, motivation was hard (very hard some days!) to find. But I have a race in November so I am working hard for that!

• I walk in my wonderful neighborhood. I love to exercise while visiting with friends! And Pilates online!

• Trying to stay fit a couple different ways. Eating healthier since I have more control over what I'm eating at home every day, walking around the neighborhood at least once a day, and on the weekends when I have a little more energy, using online fitness videos like Chloe Ting or Blogilates!

• I try to walk my dog with my two youngest children every morning just to get outside and moving around a little bit. Every now and then I'll go for a 4-5 mile run, sometimes pushing the double stroller, sometimes not. Otherwise, I have a set of adjustable weights, a jump rope, a box, and a mat in my garage. I put on some music, switch on a timer, and go to work! I do a mix of cardio and strength training - lots of burpees and jump rope alternating with weights. My dog wanders in and out. My four children come in and out, asking me questions, watching me half interested and half confused (haha), but I don't really mind. After homeschooling and cooking and cleaning, my kids have come to expect mommy will head off to the garage at some point to workout. Sometimes I manage to get it done in the afternoon, lots of times it gets done after the kids are in bed. Either way it's time to push myself and work out all the tensions of the day. It's a discipline and a reward.

VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa is a premium, full-service athletic club created so that their members and their families have the ultimate athletic club experience. It is a warm and inviting club with facilities and programs designed to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals. It is about more than just exercise, though that is a main focus of what they provide. It is also a place to be healthy, make new friends and connect with your family in a friendly and elegant environment. Membership is limited to ensure that the equipment, facilities and staff are always available.

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