Tachus to Light up Its First Home in The Woodlands

By: Chelsie Baker
| Published 10/20/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - Over the last two years, Tachus has worked to bring high-speed fiber Internet to communities in north Houston. In its short time, the fiber Internet provider has already built out its network to several neighborhoods, making its fast and reliable service available to over 10,000 homes throughout the Lake Conroe area.

As of October 2020, Tachus is officially providing service to its first household in Cochran’s Crossing, a central neighborhood in Tachus’ backyard: The Woodlands. A resident of The Woodlands himself, Tachus Co-Founder and CEO Hal Brumfield plans to eventually offer fiber Internet to every neighborhood in his own community. “I am excited to provide this service to my neighbors,” said Brumfield. “I’ve lived in The Woodlands for over 30 years, and I am happy to give something back in the form of a service people here have needed for a long time.”

Tachus’ exceptionally fast and reliable fiber Internet service is not the only thing to which Brumfield attributes its success. “We are giving people a different perception of Internet service,” said Brumfield. “This industry has never been viewed as customer service-oriented. Big providers rarely prioritize their clients' needs. But because we focus on helping our customers, we have been able to develop a strong community following.”

As a local Internet provider, Tachus strives to bring the best possible service to its own community, with an emphasis on transparency and customer relationships. “We have a model of simplicity and trust with our customers, a novel concept for a lot of people who are used to having shifting terms dictated to them by incumbent Internet providers,” said Tachus Co-Founder, President and CFO Carter Old. “Tachus offers a new way to receive Internet; no price increases, no extra taxes or fees, no data caps, and no throttling. All for life.”

In addition to its high speeds and exceptional customer care, Tachus’ service will also bring dependability and durability. Tachus’ buried fiber-optic network ensures the highest level of network speeds and reliability even during the harshest weather conditions. And with fiber’s lifecycle spanning several decades compared to copper’s lasting only a small fraction of that, it will last far longer than any network that utilizes copper. “We are building a generational network,” said Old. “We promise the best possible service today, with the ability to seamlessly upgrade speeds tomorrow.”

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