ExxonMobil Statement Regarding Inaccurate New York Times Story

By: ExxonMobil
| Published 11/12/2020


IRVING, TX -- The New York Times story published on November 12 entitled “How One Firm Drove Influence Campaigns Nationwide for Big Oil” is a biased and inaccurate misrepresentation of our relationship with trade associations and other organizations and illustrates precisely why we refused to comment or work with the author of this article. We requested the following statement be included in the story, which the author and her editors ignored and refused to print in full:

“ExxonMobil will not work with Ms.Tabuchi because of her obvious bias against the oil and gas industry, illustrated by her baseless claim alleging industry links to white supremacy, which the New York Times has refused to address appropriately. We will engage with New York Times reporters who follow basic rules of journalism and provide fair treatment to our company and industry.”

This reporter’s foundational bias against the oil and gas industry is well documented here and in other sources.

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