Montessori Teacher in The Woodlands Becomes a Kumon Instructor

By: Kumon Math and Reading Center - Alden Bridge
| Published 12/07/2020

Vickie Huckabay and Inba Chidambaranathan

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- These are unique and challenging times, but they also offer an opportunity for lasting and positive change. It has brought in a change for Inba, who is making a career change from being a successful Montessori Teacher to a promising Kumon Instructor. After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer sciences, Inba pursued her passion for teaching children by becoming a Montessori Teacher in The Woodlands, Texas. Very soon, she became a successful Montessori Teacher in the community and a beloved teacher among children and their families. She says that the reason for her success was her love for children and meticulously following the principles of Montessori without taking any shortcuts. She says these are proven principles that effectively develop and shape the minds of children. The key is to implement those principles in the right setting and in the right manner.

Kumon of The Woodlands – Alden Bridge Aims to Bring the Best of Montessori and Kumon Principles to children in the community

The pandemic and school closures led Inba to look for new opportunities within education. Being a Kumon mom, she knew about the principles of Kumon and was intrigued with the success that Toru Kumon’s principles has led to successful grooming of children for more than 60 years. She saw lots of similarities between the principles of Maria Montessori and Toru Kumon - self-learning and motivation, customized lesson plan for every child, and to learn and discover at their own pace. She knows the mantra for success – it is all about implementing the proven successful principles in a meticulous manner through positive guidance.

She met Vickie Huckabay, who was the owner and instructor of Kumon of The Woodlands – Alden Bridge. Vickie started the first Kumon in The Woodlands 27 years ago and after a successful tenure, she was in the process of finding a prospective instructor to sell her business. Inba was excited with the prospect of taking over the center from a veteran Kumon Instructor. Inba completed the Kumon Program to become a certified instructor and has taken over the center from December 2020. Inba says “I am no businesswoman. I am a teacher. But I am confident that Kumon’s established Franchise program will help me successfully run the business.” As the new owner and Instructor of Kumon of The Woodlands – Alden Bridge, Inba is eager to fulfill her dream to foster a community in which students enjoy success, happiness and confidence saying, “I can do it!”.

Kumon Math and Reading Center of The Woodlands – Alden Bridge is located on Research Forest Drive, across the street from Chick-Fil-A, near Dosey Doe Coffee. The center offers students a hybrid model of learning, offering in person classes with social distancing guidelines, as well as remote Zoom sessions. Students have flexibility to choose In-Person or Zoom for the twice a week class session. The center is open 4 days a week – Monday through Thursday from 3 pm to 6.30 pm. A free Parent Orientation and Student Placement Test can be scheduled online at the Center’s website or Center’s Facebook page.

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