Announcing 2021's Best of The Woodlands Winners

By: Woodlands Online
| Published 02/25/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX – It's that exciting time of year again! The time when we unveil who the community chose as their best businesses. From the best steakhouse to the best pediatrician, Best of The Woodlands votes have been cast and the winners determined.  

Our Annual Best of The Woodlands Survey

Best of The Woodlands is an annual online survey that begins February 1 and concludes February 21. For three weeks, the community casts their votes for their favorite businesses. They choose favorites from over 100 business categories covering topics including dining, car & automotive, health & medical, professional services, non-profits, events, education, entertainment, real estate, shopping, financial services, home improvement & decor, pets, sports, and personal care & beauty. 

The community is allowed one vote per category. We make each person register to vote. This allows us to the ability to keep the survey clean of duplicate votes, fake votes, and out of area voting. Best of The Woodlands is the most comprehensive and secure survey in The Woodlands. We have developed and refined the voting process over the period of 12 years and are proud to help showcase the businesses that The Woodlands residents feel represent the best in their community.   

Business of The Year

In addition to the individual business categories, we also ask the community tell us who they consider the best single business in The Woodlands. We are proud to announce that Brian of London has been voted our 2021 Business of The Year. This award is given to the business that the community recognizes as the company that offers the best services and products. They also exemplify what it means to care for and serve the community.

Excerpt from Salon Owner of Brian of London, Steven Goudie:

“As a business that was established in The Woodlands in 1983, it has been such an exciting journey for our Salon to grow alongside this amazing community. It is hard to get my head around being named Business of The Year because it is an achievement that I didn’t quite see coming. We all just come to work each day looking forward to taking care of and visiting with clients who have become our friends, not really thinking about the impact we have on the community. I am very proud to be named Business of the Year and I am especially proud of all of the Brian of London employees who made this award possible. It is very humbling.
We are incredibly honored that generations of families look to Brian of London as a place that makes them feel good about themselves. The fact that the community has chosen us as a Best of The Woodlands Salon for multiple years, and now as Business of the Year is almost overwhelming. We always talk about how our clients feel like family, and knowing that so many people took the time to vote for us really shows me that they care about us and much as we care about them. I look forward to seeing them in the Salon soon so that I can personally thank them.

I am very proud to be a business owner in The Woodlands, and even more proud to be raising my family in a place where there are quality, local businesses that are invested in the growth of the area. Our participation in the Best of The Woodlands competition has been a rewarding experience that has allowed us to reach new clients as they look for a Salon that has an established reputation. I’m not sure you can get better marketing than showing up on a “Best of” list! Even as I look for new businesses to visit, if they have achieved the “Best of The Woodlands” designation, I can trust that they have loyal customers.  This program is a definite asset to businesses and the community.”

Click here to learn more about Brian of London Hair Salon + Emporium.

New Categories Added This Year

Each year, before the survey begins, we determine new categories to add to the survey that may not have been covered in the previous year. These new category suggestions are submitted by the community. The following are new categories that we added this year for our survey:
• Best Private School(K-12)
• Best Cupcakes
• Best Brunch
• Best Curbside Pick-Up
• Best Pediatric Dentist
• Best Locally-Owned Boutiques

Best of The Woodlands Winners

Click here to view the list of official 2021 Best of The Woodlands Winners. 

Winner Marketing Graphics

If you are a Best of The Woodlands Winner and would like to showcase your win using Best of The Woodlands marketing graphics for social media, web or print, we will be providing you with the needed winner logos and other promotional graphics. You can obtain this by emailing your sales representative with a request. We will also be emailing winners a link to these graphics via a follow up Best of The Woodlands Winner Enewsletter.

Our Offical Best of The Woodlands Sponsor

The 2021 Best of The Woodlands survey was generously sponsored again this year by The Woodlands Heating & Air Conditioning. 

Click here to learn more about The Woodlands Heating & Air Conditioning.

We want to congratulate the 2021 Best of The Woodlands winners!

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