Ex New Caney ISD Superintendent Sentenced to 2 Years Prison for Public Corruption

By: Montgomery County District Attorney's Office
| Published 04/29/2021


NEW CANEY, TX -- On Wednesday, April 28, 2021 Kenn Franklin plead guilty to the felony offense of Theft by a Public Servant in the 221st District Court. The Honorable Judge Paul Damico sentenced Franklin to a 2 year prison term in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice — Institutional Division.

Prior to his plea, Franklin served as the New Caney ISD Superintendent, a position he held for 12 years before resigning on November 16, 2020 while pending criminal investigation. Texas Ranger Derek Leitner and the New Caney ISD Police Department investigated this case Franklin's criminal activity. The investigation revealed that Franklin submitted fictitious travel expense vouchers approximately 25 times during 2019 and 2020. Investigators were able to prove that Franklin fraudulently claimed at least $5,600 in reimbursement for travel. The fictitious travel vouchers were mostly for trips to Waco, Austin and San Antonio for various meetings that Franklin simply did not attend.

Assistant District Attorney Darla Faulkner: 'Kenn Franklin violated the public's trust over and over again. Not only did he steal money from the school district, but he also kept his staff and students from having a present and engaged leader during one of the most challenging times in education the county has ever faced. During this difficult time, Franklin could have been a positive example for the students in his district. Instead, he squandered that opportunity and stole from the students and the community he was entrusted to serve. We appreciate the hard work by Ranger Leitner and the New Caney ISD Police Department for bringing this case to light and ensuring justice was served.'

District Attorney Brett Ligon: 'The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office will continue to hold public servants accountable when they violate the public's trust and use their position of power for personal gain. Franklin was given a salary of $350,000 a year, but that was not enough for him. He had significant privileges, respect, and authority, and those benefits were not enough for him. Rather than be grateful for what he had already been given, Franklin decided to act out of dishonesty, greed, and selfishness. The students and staff of New Caney ISD deserve better, and we are confident that their new leadership will serve them honorably and capably.'

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