Montgomery County - Proposed 2021 Property Tax Information Postcard

By: Lorena Garcia
| Published 08/05/2021


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- In accordance with Senate Bill 2 from the 86th Texas Legislature, Property Tax Code, Section 26.04(e-2), Montgomery Central Appraisal District began mailing out postcards to all taxpayers in Montgomery County last week.

The postcards are required to notify taxpayers of the Tax Transparency Database available to them. The database will list all taxing jurisdictions associated with an individual’s specific account along with the following tax rates for each:

• No-New-Revenue Rate
• Voter-Approval Rate
• Proposed Rate
• Adopted Rate

The database will also inform taxpayers of their market & taxable values and show an estimate of taxes to be imposed by each of the taxing jurisdictions based on the tax rates listed above.

The public hearing notice will be displayed along with the forms used to calculate the rates. Taxpayers will have the opportunity to submit feedback to the governing body of each taxing jurisdiction through the database.

Taxpayers should be aware that the No-New-Revenue and Voter-Approval rates will be posted no later than August 7, 2021; however the proposed rates and meeting dates will be listed as they become available.

Information regarding the Tax Transparency Database can be found at

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