Dr. Leah Zils Joins Epstein & Vakil Team And The Woodlands Dental Group

By: Dr. Nikita Vakil
| Published 08/25/2021


We are pleased and excited to announce that after an extensive interviewing process, we have selected Dr. Leah Zils to come join Dr. Nikita Vakil and The Woodlands Dental Group. We were all very impressed with Dr. Zils and look forward to helping her settle into the fantastic Epstein & Vakil tradition of excellent dentistry and superior patient care. With the same amazing Epstein & Vakil team you have come to know and love there to help her, we know that Dr. Zils will be able to hit the ground running.

Dr. Zils was born and raised in Katy, Texas. She played soccer for the University of Arkansas (her parents' alma mater) before transferring to Texas A&M to finish her education. She then attended the University of Texas Dental School. After graduating from Dental School in 2013, Dr. Zils explored different types of practice settings before settling in The Woodlands to work with Dr. Scott Young. She is married to Ben Zils and they have 2 beautiful children.

In her career as a dentist, Dr. Zils has really shown her passion for helping people. She has aggressively pursued continuing education to make sure she keeps up with the most cutting-edge techniques. She has consciously soaked up skills from the practices she has been a part of to develop truly superb customer service and team protocols.

We are thrilled to welcome her to the successful Epstein & Vakil team. We look forward to introducing her to you soon.

Dr. Nikita Vakil
The Epstein & Vakil Team
The Woodlands Dental Group

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