The Woodlands Township Wants YOU… to Get Involved With Upcoming Elections

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 12/28/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX – While signs and banner ads are already popping up throughout the area for the March primary elections for county, district, and state level offices, The Woodlands Township is holding some elections that are closer on the calendar.

Filing for February Village Association and Committee Elections is about to get underway

More than 100 positions will be up for election in February for qualified people to serve on The Woodlands Residential Design Review Committees and the Village Associations. Filing for all of these positions will begin this Thursday, December 30, and ends on Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 5 p.m.

As the leader of the largest business organization in the region, JJ Hollie, the president and CEO of The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce, is keenly aware of the caliber of people who should file for these open positions.

“While these more local, community-driven elections may not have the global gravitas of a presidential or midterm election, they still have a huge impact on our township,” said Hollie. “All of these open positions are volunteer-based, so it’s essential that qualified people with a passion for the greater community good submit their filings.”

Positions up for election include the Residential Design Committees of all of The Woodlands’ villages – Alden Bridge, Cochran’s Crossing, College Park, Creekside Park, Grogan’s Mill, Indian Springs, Panther Creek, and Sterling Ridge. For each village, up to five-member resident-elected committees serve to facilitate property improvements of their peers. Elected to one-year terms, residents dedicate several hours each month to review the applications submitted by their neighbors for improvements to their property. It should be noted that, due to its geographic setup, Indian Springs gets two committees.

Additionally, Village Association officer positions are on the ballot for the February elections.

“Each of the villages in our township has a civic association that facilitates activities specific to their village,” said Hollie. |Each village will have officer positions and/or area representative positions open for this election. While officer duties may vary by position and/or specific village, all villages seek enthusiastic residents looking to volunteer their service and leadership for their closest Woodlands neighbors.”

The following village association positions are up for election:

Alden Bridge Village Association
• 9 At-Large Area Representatives (two-year term)

Cochran’s Crossing Village Association
• 18 At-Large Area Representatives (one-year term)

College Park Village Association
• Vice President (two-year term)
• Treasurer (two-year term)
• 9 At-Large Area Representatives (one-year term)

Creekside Park Village Association
• Vice President (two-year term)
• Treasurer (two-year term)
• Events Co-Chair (two-year term)
• 10 At-Large Area Representatives (one-year term)

Grogan’s Mill Village Association
• 8 At-Large Area Representatives (two-year term)

Indian Springs Village Association
• Vice President (two-year term)
• Treasurer (two-year term)
• 7 At-Large Area Representatives (two-year term)

Panther Creek Village Association
• 9 At-Large Area Representatives (two-year term)

Sterling Ridge Village Association
• 7 At-Large Village Directors (two-year term)

Voting day for these positions – Residential Design Review Committees and Village Associations alike – will take place on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at The Woodlands Township Hall, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd. Polls will be open that day from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Additionally, there will be early “convenience” voting from Monday, February 14 through 18 at the same location from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

While the filing deadline of January 20 for these positions is firm, candidates who are interested in running but do not file by the deadline will be able to run as a write-in candidate only if they file as such by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Also, any uncontested races – as of that same date and time – will be cancelled and the seating and/or filling of vacancies will proceed in accordance with the entity’s bylaws.

“Filing forms can be obtained online from the Township website, from village association presidents, or at The Woodlands Township Town Hall during normal business hours,” said Hollie. “The jurisdictions of these positions may be small, but the responsibilities are huge. Brave individuals who run for these offices will open themselves up to scrutiny and criticism, but they know they will be doing all they can to make their villages better.”

Filing is open to residents and property owners in The Woodlands, ages 18 and over. Positions require residency and/or property ownership in specific villages and interested individuals should refer to the appropriate Bylaws and Covenants for eligibility requirements. For more information, visit

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