The blissful sensation of floating your troubles away

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 02/09/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – In Hollywood, sensory deprivation floatation tanks are typically used for bizarre purposes, whether physically regressing you to pre-Neanderthal levels in Altered States or being the catalyst to literally cross universes in Fringe. However, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. When used properly, these floatation tanks envelop you in a unique environment that resembles the better parts of zero gravity, promoting the ability to emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Blissful Waters Float Center makes Woodlands residents’ woes feel weightless

Blissful Waters Float Center located in The Woodlands offers a complete suite of rooms and services that leave you walking out with a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit. Not only can you float in solitude and serenity, but you can also complement your float session beforehand with a zero gravity massage chair to get you in the right frame of mind to start your float.

In addition to their vanguard Floatation Therapy, Blissful Waters also offers Contrast Therapy and Brain Tap technology as complimentary services. With these combined, clients can alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, relieve pain and Biohack their way into their personal care routine.

Woodlands Online was able to sit down with Melody Fraser, owner and float coach at Blissful Waters, to ask her some questions about the company and its products and services.

What is Blissful Waters' mission/purpose?

My husband introduced me to the magical world of floating. He had discovered the practice in Australia, where he is from. The Australian Aboriginals use symbols as a way of communication. I fell in love with the water hole symbol in the aboriginal culture and what it represents: a place of life, healing and community. The swirl in our logo signifies just that, a place where community gathers to thrive.

Float Therapy was a life raft for me, a way of getting the best out of life by unplugging. Float Therapy had such an impact on my life I wanted to bring floating to everyone I know.

We soon decided to open our own Float Center. Together we wanted a place for healing, wellness, and community. Life happens; trauma happens. We live in a hectic world, and we strive to provide the environment and the tools to inspire our community to be their best self.

How does it feel celebrating your third year operating in The Woodlands?

Hitting the three-year mark has been an incredible sense of accomplishment. We experienced what we can only call a “tough opening'' and a very challenging last couple of years for all small businesses; but coming out on the far side of it now just proves we are here to stay.

My family and I have put all our energy and heart into Blissful Waters Float Center, and watching it grow has been the best feeling. Nothing is more heartwarming than witnessing combat veterans manage their mental health issues and PTSD, and finding their way to get off prescription drugs, or an autoimmune sufferer finding long-lasting relief from chronic pain. We have seen women who have not been successful in pregnancy soon become moms, and entrepreneurs work on their self-development and getting their businesses to grow. We love seeing Moms and Dads make time for their own self-care. It feels good to be a positive influence in so many lives, and I cherish the relationships we have made along the way.

We started as a two-room float therapy center at the end of 2018, and in three years we have grown to three float rooms, with added modalities that complement floating and our new wellness brand. We could not have come this far without the support of the community that has grown around our little business.

How does a float tank work?

Float tanks have many names: sensory deprivation tanks, float chambers, isolation tanks, float cabins, and more. A float tank is a light- and sound-reduced environment that contains a saturated saline solution kept at skin temperature. This environment allows a person to float effortlessly without external stimuli for many purposes, including meditation, exploration, relaxation, and physical therapy.

Our float tanks hold about a foot of water, which is heavily saturated with roughly 1,600 lbs of medical grade Epsom salt. This creates a solution with a density comparable to the Dead Sea, allowing a person to float effortlessly, removing all pressure from your joints and muscles.
The temperature of the water in the float tank is kept at approximately 93-95°F / 34-35°C, the average skin temperature of the human body. This is a temperature known as skin-receptor neutral, meaning you can’t tell where your skin ends, and the water begins.

The tank and the float suite around it are insulated against sound and, when you turn off the light, you have complete darkness. Our float tanks have buttons on the inside that control both the lights and music that is played inside your tank. While ideally during your float you would turn off the music and lights, you are in complete control of when that happens.

Our float tanks are spacious rooms contained within their own float suite, and each suite has its own shower that you use before your float to remove oils and after to remove the salt and magnesium.

What are the benefits of float tank sessions?

The Laureate Institute for Brain Health has performed many studies on the benefits of floating for stress, anxiety, and depression, and also its help with pain sufferers from autoimmune diseases and even concussions. Years of scientific research and publications have documented the wide-ranging benefits of floating, including the relief of:

• Stress, anxiety and depression
• Back and neck pain by decompressing the spine in zero gravity
• Insomnia, poor sleep & jet lag
• Various types of chronic pain including arthritis & fibromyalgia
• Chronic fatigue
• Inflammation
• High blood pressure

Further, floating increases:
• Dopamine and endorphins, which enhance your mood and reduce pain
• Blood circulation, which results in enhanced physical recovery and muscle relaxation
• Creativity, learning, and visualization
• Athletic performance

Additionally, floating helps:
• Meditation practice
• Lower cortisol levels
• Relax and reduce stress
• Improve mental clarity
• Increase motivation and focus
• Balance between left and right sides of the brain
• Aid recovery from injury or surgery
• Self-discovery and self-reflection

Is there anything else you'd like for the community to know?

In addition to floatation therapy, we have upped our game on the wellness front. We have added Contrast Therapy, which is the utilization of our Infrared Sauna and cold plunge ice bath. You can use them separately or combine the modalities to unlock the incredible health benefits that they offer.

Also, building on our regular community classes of guided meditation, Yoga Nidra and Lucia Light, we have just rolled out Brain Training, using Brain Tap Technology coupled with acoustic vibrational chairs. We are also currently launching Blissful Waters Wellness, which has for sale mushroom health and organic CBD products.

Blissful Waters Float Center is located at 2408 Timberloch Pl suite D4 in The Woodlands and is open seven days a week. Learn more about the company here.

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