Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum Virtual MASKerade Gala is a Success!

By: Mary Linda Cohron
| Published 02/13/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX --Members of Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum (CWJF) held their breath on February 5th at 7:00pm as the MASKerade virtual auction and gala kicked off. One hour later, as the amount raised surpassed the goal, everyone was breathing a lot easier.

CWJF made the difficult decision because of the pandemic to go virtual with their annual fundraiser. Determined and optimistic, the choice was made to call this year’s event “MASKerade.” Jaclyn Macbeth, Fundraiser Chair, knew the risks but plowed ahead, determined to make it work. Her enthusiasm energized the whole team to work hard finding auction items and promoting the virtual format to organization members, so everyone felt comfortable using it.
The virtual fundraiser allowed for pre-recorded videos that highlighted all the work that CWJF does. It was a great opportunity for the public to become familiar with CWJF.

A goal of $100,000 was set but the CWJF MASKerade raised over $110,000!

“The money raised goes right back into our community to support children, families, and seniors,” says Macbeth, “I’m so glad we were successful and so are the many groups we help.”

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