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| Published 03/25/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – We’re officially into spring, and the chances of one last freeze are about as likely as, well, a snowball’s chance in The Woodlands. Already, we’re switching our house climate systems over from heat to air conditioning and putting our heavier coats and sweaters into the darker recesses of our closets.

A high pressure front will keep temperatures warm for the next few days

For the next several days, we\;; be in the grip of a high pressure front that will keep the weather hot and dry. Today, Friday, will see a steady temperature increase to a high of 82 under bright, sunny skies. Winds will be practically nonexistent so there won’t be much cool relief from the rays. Later this afternoon, however, we’ll see a turnaround as temps plunge down to 48 tonight, a full 25 degrees cooler than the high.

The overnight humidity will drop so that tomorrow we’ll have another day of warm temperatures under sunny skies with very little wind or cloud cover. Saturday will see a high of 84 and the lows will settle in the 50s.

Sunday will see increased winds and a little cloud cover creeping in, with highs once again hitting the 80s and the lows going into the 50s, making it a perfect opportunity to hit some of the outdoors events scattered throughout the area.

Monday will see a definite uptick in winds and clouds that will last through Tuesday. Both days, the highs will be in the mid 80s and the overnight lows will keep in the 60s. The clouds will be around to stay for a while, and finally on Wednesday around lunchtime will see the tipping point into thunderclouds. Early that afternoon, however, the rains and the winds both will finally settle down as the high pressure front moves on for a bit.

Thursday will see some mildly lower temperatures with a high of only 75 but no rain or cloud cover to mar the day. That will be our last cloudless day for a while, as the next several days will experience partly cloudy skies in the 70s.

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