Inspiration Ranch To Honor Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands

By: Ashley Perales
| Published 05/31/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- In 2018, Inspiration Ranch began a partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands that led to program growth, advocating for equine-assisted services in the medical and therapeutic community and growing the ability to track the long-term outcomes of therapeutic riding. At its 14th Annual Denim & Diamonds Gala on September 17, 2022, Inspiration Ranch will showcase this partnership and honor Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands for its commitment to the Ranch, its clients and the growth of equine-assisted services.

“Inspiration Ranch’s programs have proven time and again how valuable they are to clients,” says Texas Children's Community-In-Chief and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Shilt. “Our mission at Texas Children’s is to create a healthier future for children and women throughout our global community by leading in patient care, education and research. Inspiration Ranch is a natural partner to help us achieve these goals in the North Houston region.”

With Dr. Shilt on its board of directors, Inspiration Ranch has been able to lend powerful voices to its advocacy for the equine-assisted services industry and expand its programs focusing on quality outputs, service, and safety. Since 2018, the Ranch has relocated to a 40-acre property where its mental health and therapeutic riding programs can have separate herds of therapy horses, doubled the capacity of both programs, is on track to triple the capacity of the therapeutic riding program, reworked safety protocols to bring them in line with hospital-level standards and weathered the COVID-19 pandemic without a single client exposure on property. The Ranch accomplished all of this while maintaining high client achievement numbers and adding family support services and educational opportunities.

“The equine-assisted services industry is at a place where the medical community is recognizing the horse’s power to impact humans physically, cognitively and emotionally,” says Inspiration Ranch President & CEO MG Tindall. “Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands is helping make sure the local medical community sees that.”

This year Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands is working with Inspiration Ranch to adapt the app its physical and occupational therapy departments use for therapeutic riding to help the Ranch better track long-term outcomes.

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