Woodlands Weather This Week – The only thing missing is a tumbleweed

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 07/05/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The TV Guide summary of this week’s weather would be short and sweet: “Hot. Dry.” However, we here at Woodlands Online like to go into slightly greater detail. So we’ll go with “Horrendously hot. Exceedingly dry.”

Hot and dry is the the theme for the week

The lack of precipitation and the gusting winds over the weekend were substantial enough to prompt the Independence Day fireworks celebration in Rob Fleming Park to be canceled (remember, the accompanying Creekside Park Village is in Harris County and the decision came at the county level), and The Woodlands Fire Department was on full alert last night for the rest of the booming displays. But the cancellation was just a presage to the weather this week.

Today our cloud cover will drop even as our temps rise to hover around 99 under mostly sunny skies. The winds out of the southeast will peak at around 10 mph later this evening, and mercifully the low temps will actually make it down to the mid 70s.

Wednesday will see an increase in cloud cover with just the teeniest tiniest chance of a few raindrops, encouraging the high temp to come down a couple of degrees to 97 (but remembering that the humidity will make it feel like 105 in the afternoon).

Thursday has a few clouds scattered around the sky as highs get back up to 99. The low of 77 will be helped by winds hitting 10 mph again. And Friday will break the century mark with a high of 101 – and a heat index of 108 – under cloudless skies, so please prepare accordingly.

Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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