Woodlands Weather This Week – So close to autumn, yet so far

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 10/03/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – This week, while it may be cooler than the summer, we will still have to deal with temperatures that cross the 90 degree mark. But there is still hope on the horizon!

Higher temps and clouds linger

Today will see an increase in clouds until half the skies are covered. They’ll help trap in some heat, so that our high of 87 won’t even hit until mid-afternoon. However, come sundown and aided by the lack of humidity, the temps will rapidly plummet into the 50s for a low.

The clouds will hang around on Tuesday for a slightly cooler day; in fact, the temps won’t even broach the 80s until lunchtime. Once they do, they’ll rapidly pivot and head back down through the 70s and 60s into the mid 50s. As the temps drop, so will the cloud coverage, and we’ll have a relatively starry night to go with the coolness.

Wednesday will see mostly sunny skies; what few clouds remain might – just might – bring a few drops of rain with them, but nothing worse than smearing your windshield. Another day in the mid to upper 80s and a low in the 50s will segue into Thursday where the things change.

Thursday morning will follow the week’s pattern thus far, but soon enough there will be a significant increase in clouds, and finally a temperature that will hit 90 for the high. Rising barometric pressure will keep the temps warmer, and we’ll have our first night this week stay in the 60s. Friday will see continued near-total cloud coverage with another high of 90 and our low in the mid 60s.

Come the weekend, however, we just might be able to enjoy some more time in the 80s…

Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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