Luxurious Indian Restaurant Gives Foster Kids the Dining Experience of Their Lives

By: Monette Smith
| Published 10/19/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- October 20 – Amrina, an exquisite new Indian restaurant in The Woodlands gave underprivileged kids a chance to experience the restaurant’s signature social and cultural hospitality. Executive Chef and Managing Partner, Chef Jassi Bindra explains, “One of our regular guests who works with The Champion Project approached me while at Amrina for dinner and asked if we would have an interest in hosting six of the kids they mentor through the charitable organization. These are foster kids who have never experienced dining in a restaurant setting. Of course, we were delighted to host them.”

On Sunday, October 16th, six children and 10 mentors from The Champion Project came to enjoy the caring and loving hospitality of the Amrina dining experience. Bindra says, “We designed our restaurant with different zones and one of the zones is a private dining room, which is where we set up a table for the kids and their mentors. We wanted them to feel extra special.” From this table the kids were able to interact with Bindra and other team members. They discussed culture and how they incorporate that into the food at Amrina. Bindra notes that it was very motivating for the kids to discuss their future prospects. “Some said they would like to become chefs, others wanted to go into the Navy or Airforce, and several other professions,” notes Bindra, adding, “and we talked about how the kitchen works, how the chef profile works, and how the front of the house and back of the house works.”

Learning about how food is served in courses in restaurants like Amrina and experiencing it first hand will remain in the kids’ memories throughout life. Bindra and the restaurant’s other managing partners, brothers Surpreet Singh and Preet Singh, hope to keep in touch with their young guests by providing a full course take-away meal on each of their birthdays.

The restaurant’s name, Amrina, translates into “princess.” Owner Preet Singh reveals, “Inspired by a young Indian princess who still lives amongst us today, the restaurant is a tribute to her and to all of the women around us.” Each dish is designed so that it has its own story to share. Chef Bindra along with the Singh brothers have created an opulent, thought-provoking environment in which guests can truly enjoy their inventive approach to Indian cuisine, cocktails, and wine pairings.

Make your reservation at Amrina today and experience the luxury, eclectic menu, and visual cocktails that tell the story of a modern-day princess – one with mystery and a bit of an edge.

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