Santa Claus Provides Houston Methodist The Woodlands NICU With Holiday Surprise

By: Wes Hamilton
| Published 12/21/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The holidays are wonderful for celebrating and sharing time with loved ones while participating in annual traditions. Thanks to a surprise from a visitor from the North Pole, patients in the NICU at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital were given a chance to celebrate the holidays during their stay. Santa Claus met with patients and parents and took pictures to help create a special first memory of the holiday together.

Alannah Fisher, mother to newborn twins Kennedy and Tatum who were born on December 15, was very excited to be able to experience this holiday tradition during their stay.

“It was so fun. The last thing you are thinking in the NICU is about being able to have these moments because we are so caught up with everything else going on. It was a really nice distraction for the day,” Fisher said. “This is all surreal. They were not even supposed to be here yet, but I am excited to start these traditions and be able to share this with them.”

Houston Methodist The Woodlands is dedicated to providing an unapparelled patient experience.

'Events like this make you realize that they [Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital] want to treat everyone like family. Which is the most important thing during the holidays,” Fisher said. “It was nice for the girls to have this experience even if it is in the hospital. We are definitely still keeping our tree up until they come home too.”

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