2.6 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies are on the move thanks to nearby ‘Mega Delivery Day’ events

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 02/07/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Hundreds of Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council staff, volunteers, parents, troop leaders, and troop members descended upon Planet Ford Stadium in Spring for the annual ‘Mega Delivery Day,’ one of many scheduled around the greater Houston area.

Planet Ford Stadium was home to dozens of volunteers, hundreds of automobiles, and thousands of cases of cookies

For this Council, more than 230,000 cases of Girl Scout cookies were distributed to these Mega Drop centers. At Planet Ford Stadium, thousands of cases – with twelve boxes of cookies per case – were lined up at several stations in the parking lot, where dozens of volunteers were ready to load box after box after box into cars, trucks, SUVs, and not a few U-Haul trailers. The pallets of cases themselves were delivered to the stadium by Roadrunner.

The Mega Delivery Day event in Spring was a well-orchestrated scene, with smiles and community spirit all around. Jenna Knight, troop leader of two separate local troops – one of girls in seventh grade and one of girls in tenth grade – patiently waited in her SUV for her turn to get loaded up.

“This is year eleven of me doing this delivery day as a leader. Before that, I was a Girl Scout myself for twelve years,” she said. “We put our orders in ahead of time for our troops, and then today we come to the mega delivery site and they load up each case of each flavor, station by station. Once we’re all loaded up, we head back to our homes to unload for the parents to get them to our girls, who will start selling them on Saturday. I’m picking up about 150 cases for my troop. My record was 350 cases in a single drop, and that’s at twelve boxes to a case.”

Heather Ganucheau, marketing communications director for San Jacinto Council of Girl Scouts, was pleased at the smoothness of the event in light of its sheer scope and scale. “We have several Mega Drop locations around the area, with Planet Ford Stadium being one of them, so we’ve been out and about for nearly two weeks now, through the rain and the cold to beautiful days like today to bring literally hundreds of thousands of boxes of Girl Scout cookies to troop leaders. A lot of the northside area troops are coming here today,” she said.

From Feb. 11 through March 26, Girl Scout cookies can be purchased in person, online or at Cookie Booths at retail locations through the greater Houston area and other communities within the San Jacinto Council. Ganucheau pointed out that the cookies do more than just bring smiles to people’s palates.

“Girl Scout cookies – besides being delicious and loved by everyone – are fundraisers,” she said. “All of the proceeds from the sales of the cookies stay with their troops in the area, and girls get to pick the way they’d like to spend that money. This is a 100-percent girl-led entrepreneur experience where they can decide what they want to do, whether it’s a summer camp, or a trip out of state, or workshops in their area. They work out the costs of these, then factor that into how many cookies they need to sell to meet their budget goals.”

Headquartered in Houston and established in 1922, the 26-county San Jacinto Council supports 35,000 Girl Scouts of kindergarten through high school senior age and more than 14,000 adult volunteers.

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