City of Conroe announces free water usage customer portal

By: Andrew Yousse
| Published 02/23/2023


CONROE, TX – The City of Conroe is informing all customers that it has partnered with WaterSmart Software to offer access to a modern digital portal where customers can access detailed information about their property's water use.

City of Conroe water customers can reach the portal on any mobile device or web browser at

The Customer Portal lets customers view their property's hourly usage, set abnormal use notifications, and learn practical water conservation methods.

'To register for this free service, enter your water billing account number, look at the top right corner of your monthly bill, or give us a call at 936-522-3170,' said Andrew Yousse, public information officer for the City of Conroe.

The portal will provide access and information on hourly data, monitoring for leaks, and recommendations on saving money with your water use.

'We hope all of our customers will take advantage of this valuable tool. We look forward to working closely with you to make the City of Conroe a more sustainable and drought-tolerant community,' said Yousse.

For complete details and information, please visit

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