Texas ranks #3 for best job opportunities

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 03/15/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – According to a recent report released by Scholaroo, the Lone Star State ranked third in the nation for the best job opportunities in 2023. This report was inspired by the recent announcement from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the American economy added 311,000 jobs in an effort to contain inflation.

To determine which states have the best job opportunities in 2023, Scholaroo conducted the first study to examine employment conditions in all 50 states: the 43 metrics were analyzed across five key indicators, determining the benefits and opportunities a worker would have in each state.

According to this report, Texas is the state ranked #3 as having the best job opportunities in the country. The state has one of the lowest debt per capita. In addition, it has the most available job opportunities per capita in the US.

Other rankings for Texas in this report include: Affordability – #4; Quality of Life – #6; State Economy – #7; and Job Market – #11.

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