Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital Honors Four “2023 Physicians of the Year”

By: Wes Hamilton
| Published 04/03/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Four leading physicians were honored last week as “2023 Physicians of the Year” at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital. These four awards represent each of Houston Methodist’s four pillars of excellence – safety, quality, service and innovation.

Honorees were selected based on nominations from their peers, hospital leaders, physician leaders and patient letters for exemplifying excellence in each of the mentioned categories.

The award for ‘Unparalleled Safety’ was given to Dr. Bradley Spartz, emergency medicine specialist physician at Houston Methodist The Woodlands. Staff say his arrival to the hospital during the peak of a global pandemic was a Godsend and he was essential to response because of his expertise, efficiency, and passion for safety.

“Dr. Spartz ability to navigate through challenges while prioritizing safety, shows he is truly a driving force in our pursuit of being Unparalleled,” said Debbie Sukin, executive vice president of Houston Methodist and chief executive officer of Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital.

Dr. Sayl Bunyan, a board-certified general surgeon, vice president of Medical staff, and chair of the Surgery Department at Houston Methodist The Woodlands was awarded the Physician of the Year award for ‘Unparalleled Quality.’ Dr. Bunyan was recognized by nominees for the exceptional and personal care he provides to his patients and has been recognized by his patients for his prompt attention and excellent care.

“Dr. Bunyan has been fundamental in the development and growth of our surgical services since opening our doors in 2017,” Sukin said. “He is deeply committed to the quality service he provides to his patients, and he is beloved amongst hospital staff.”

Dr. Mariola Mjaltaj received the award for ‘Unparalleled Service.’ Dr. Mjaltaj is a primary care physician with the Houston Methodist Primary Care Group. She was recognized for the unwavering care and positive spirit she delivers to her patients, amid a bustling clinic schedule. Patients have consistently shared incredible experiences regarding the quality of care, availability, time, and attention she gives to each patient, ensuring that the patient fully understands the next steps in their plan of care, before leaving the office.

“Since she has joined us in 2019, it is easy to see why she is one of the top primary care providers in the north region,” Sukin said. “Not only is she accommodating, but she is always smiling and easy to talk to. She is loved amongst her patients and staff.”

The award for ‘Unparalleled Innovation’ was given to Dr. Rajesh Venkataraman, a cardiologist at Houston Methodist DeBakey Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery Associates The Woodlands. As the Medical Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology, he leads a groundbreaking and relentless approach to innovative patient care. Dr. Venkataraman also created a program for mentoring and teaching his peers around the state, and nationally, on new technological approaches to medicine. He also serves as the co-principal investigator with DYNAMIC AF registry, which expands the Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital EP program to a national scale.

“Dr. Venkataraman has created an open and collaborative approach to medicine where he allows colleagues to come learn beside him,” Sukin said. “He is committed to advancing his field, even mentoring physicians offsite.”

Houston Methodist The Woodlands employed 350 physicians on opening day in 2017. Nominees in 2023 were chosen from the more than 1,100 physicians on staff today.

“Being nominated for this award is an honor, but it is even more significant as we reflect on the remarkable growth of our medical staff,” Sukin said. “We are blessed to have all our physicians play a vital role in the success of Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital.”

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