Lone Star College-Montgomery Hosts Campus Fall Convocation to Kick Off the 2023-2024 Academic Year

By: Kymesha Atwood
| Published 08/28/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Lone Star College-Montgomery held its annual Fall Convocation on August 22, 2023, to mark the beginning of a promising new academic year. The event took place in the Mainstage Theatre - Building D, bringing together all faculty and staff members from across the Montgomery Campus, Conroe Center, and University Center.

The Fall Convocation provided an opportunity for faculty and staff to unite in kicking off the academic year with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. This year’s Convocation was led by Mike Krall, Acting President of LSC-Montgomery, along with other faculty and staff members, who addressed the campus on the goals for the upcoming year while including how they could contribute towards making the upcoming year a huge success.

The Convocation was filled with energy and positivity, welcoming new LSC-Montgomery faculty and staff with open arms into the Lone Star College family. In addition, some exceptional employees were recognized for their promotions, while past and future achievements of retired Mavericks were highlighted. As a final tribute, the College took the time to honor Mavericks who have since passed away.

The event concluded with a keynote speech from Dr. De’ Reese Reid-Hart, President of Lone Star College-Montgomery, who shared her vision for the future of the college while providing valuable insights on navigating her new role, expectations, and encouragement for the faculty and staff. Additionally, Dr. Reid-Hart informed the faculty and staff members that she would be hosting two town hall meetings to review the strategic plans for the upcoming year as well as invite questions and ideas regarding LSC-Montgomery.

“As someone deeply invested in the academic success and personal growth of our students, I am thrilled to welcome faculty and staff back to LSC-Montgomery for the start of a new year,” shared President Reid-Hart. “Let us all remember the immense impact we have on our students by striving to uphold the utmost care and dedication to their growth and success. By truly investing in our students, we not only shape their futures but also impact their families and communities.”

The success of the Fall Convocation has set the tone for what is expected to be an inspiring and fulfilling new academic year. Embarking on the START, GROW, GO campaign, the entire Lone Star College-Montgomery community is committed to supporting student success, as exemplified by the successful Convocation event. This year’s Fall Convocation is yet another example of the institution's unwavering dedication towards providing its students with the very best.

Lone Star College-Montgomery is excited to welcome its students and looks forward to making a positive impact on their academic journey starting August 28. For more information regarding Lone Star College-Montgomery and its commitment to providing a quality education to its students please visit the website at

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