Bourbon Brothers BBQ is A 'Hidden Gem' in Montgomery County, Petty Eddie Eats Says

By: Matt Keyser
| Published 09/19/2023

Photo credit: Courtesy of Joe Buvid Photography - Bourbon Brothers BBQ “blew me away,” Petty Eddie Eats said after a recent visit, adding the brisket can compete with “the best of the best.”

MAGNOLIA, TX -- Petty Eddie Eats, Montgomery County’s official food blogger, says Bourbon Brothers BBQ “blew me away” after a recent visit.

This place is “a hidden gem and also some of the nicest dudes you’ll ever talk to,” Petty Eddie said. “These guys (are) truly making some straight-up good Texas BBQ and some bomb A$$ scratch sides to match it”

Petty Eddie called the brisket a 9.4 out of 10, saying it can “compete with the best of the best.”

“It’s not even a question,” he said.

The Bourbon Brothers BBQ briskets are slow smoked for 12-plus hours with post oak and pecan and coated with a housemade rub.

Speaking about the housemade jalapeño cheddar sausage and creamy mac & cheese, Petty Eddie said the sausage was juicy and flavorful, and the mac & cheese was “a vibe.”

All Bourbon Brothers BBQ sides are scratch-made, including the campfire beans and southwestern ‘slaw, and the sausages are handcrafted in-house by pitmaster and owner Matt Keyser.

In addition to the jalapeño cheddar, Bourbon Brothers BBQ offers seasonal sausages like a crawfish boil, which features tails, corn, potatoes, and Cajun seasonings stuffed into a link; black & bleu, which includes ground brisket, bleu cheese, housemade bacon, and caramelized onions; and a holiday sausage, which Keyser calls “Thanksgiving dinner in a link.”

Bourbon Brothers BBQ is currently offering the black & bleu as its sausage of the month for September. The link is available through Sept. 30.

Overall, Petty Eddie rated Bourbon Brothers BBQ a 100 out of 10, saying it’s one of his top 3 Texas BBQ restaurants in Montgomery County.

“What they have is an absolute hit,” Petty Eddie said. “I’ll bet money on that.”

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