Lone Star College to hold Student Career Readiness Series

By: Royelyn Bastian
| Published 10/09/2023


HOUSTON, TX -- Entering the workforce is more than obtaining the required education or training; employees must also succeed in the job search process. Lone Star College Office of External and Employer Relations is holding several virtual Student Career Readiness Series events to prepare students for the jobs they want.

“Lone Star College offers students a well-rounded education, complete with competitive academic and workforce programming and career resources to help them gain entry into high-performing and lucrative career fields,” said Linda Leto Head, LSC senior associate vice chancellor, External and Employer Relations.

The LSC Student Career Readiness Series takes place this fall and spring 2024 via Zoom from 12-1 p.m. and 6-7 p.m. Attendees will learn crucial skills like resume writing and interviewing tips. Future events and topics are:

  • Oct. 11: Resume Writing
  • Nov. 8: One-on-One Assistance using Career Star
  • Feb. 14: Interviewing Techniques
  • March 20: Benefits of Working in Corporate America
  • April 10: Starting or Growing Your Own Business

“Lone Star College knows that students will succeed in the workforce if they are properly prepared to get and ace the interview,” said Head. “Opportunities like the Student Career Readiness Series gives students a head start toward their career goals.”

The Lone Star College Student Career Coaching program works with students to explore career opportunities based on the student’s specific skills and talents. It also provides various resources and online seminars, like the Student Career Readiness Series, to help guide students through the job search process.

Visit to register for or join an upcoming LSC Student Career Readiness event or learn more about the LSC Student Career Coaching program.

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