Trick or Treat Historic Montgomery 2023

By: Ruben Borjas Jr, Reporter, Montgomery County News
| Published 10/31/2023


CONROE, TX -- Old Town became a twilight zone of Macabre fashioned young spooky spirits and entities of an eerie persuasion, this past Saturday during ‘Trick or Treat Historic Montgomery,’ where thousands of kids donned their favorite Halloween attire to celebrate with family, friends, and shop owners, as everyone welcomed Halloween 2023. And even the muggy temps couldn’t stop a sea of kids, who with their bags at the ready, wanted at this time of year what all kids want. Scores of delicious delectables that will keep them sugar rushed for the rest of the year.

October is all about Halloween, where kids participated in the spirited festivities all over Old Town, hitting the candy hot spots with their parents and grandparents, who probably remembered their own past heavy sugar days of their childhood; when they as costumed kids traipsed around their neighborhoods door knocking and begging for treats.

To the gall of Montgomery County dentists’, kids had their choice of over 30 Historic Montgomery businesses and booths to choose from for their candy hauls. Everyone was in the sweets game this day, as not a tooth lay uncandy coated, nor a brain unsugar-rushed; as kids, young and old alike made their rounds to collect their sweet and sour stashes. And smiling away as they did it, again; to the gall of county dentists’, who may pretend to roll their eyes, but will appreciate the increased business after the sweet season ends.

“It’s our third year coming here, and we just love it,” said Kristy O'Connell, of Montgomery, visiting Old Town with her husband and kids, who were all excited. “It is such a great experience, and we look forward to it every year.” Kristy’s daughter Aris, not to be out talked by Mom, interjected, “I love Trick or Treating in Montgomery. I can’t wait for it again next year.” This was the fifth event that started in 2018, and has been celebrated every year since, save the pandemic year.

The O’Connell’s were just one of the seemingly thousand plus families that visited Historic Montgomery this year for Halloween. And as they made their way from Jim’s Hardware, through the Community Building courtyard, to H-Bistrot and beyond, the crowds just kept coming in a human tidal wave headed for the candy coated shores of Old Town.

The little cheese shop that could, Slish of Amish, for a good while, seemed to be the center of the Historic Montgomery Halloween Universe, as lines of kids packed the walkway starting their candy quest. The store had teamed up with Montgomery’s own Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12223, on their storefront, handing out candy to the multitudes, which by the end of Trick or Treating, was all gone. Angie Miller, Slish of Amish’s General Manager, had a novel idea of setting up a pumpkin ring toss game in the courtyard next to her shop for the kiddos. She had over 700 prizes for the candy searchers, all of which were gone at day’s end; including a box of kids books that the VFW had provided, via a Daughters of the American Revolution - Coushatti Trace Chapter donation.

“It’s fantastic,” said Angie Miller. “So many kids, so many parents, having fun, and that’s what it's all about. To get people down here in the Historic District, just to enjoy themselves and see what we are all about.”

Smiling faces were all around Historic Montgomery, and virtually every street was covered. And on FM 149, cars waited patiently for Trick or Treaters to cross back and forth the candy trail. And despite a lot of walking for the little feet that made their way, many trekked it all over, filling their bags with their coveted treasure. The kids were decked out in all sorts of costumes, as well as parents and some grandparents. From grim reapers, to mummies, to a bloodied Carrie, and many inflatable dinosaurs, aliens, and not to mention the ‘Among Us’ costumes covering the entire body. Then you had your girls dressed as ‘Wednesday,’ princesses, and fairies. One enterprising little girl dressed as Dolly Parton, and an innovative boy dressed as a robot made of cardboard, and actually won the costume contest.

It goes without saying that many great memories were made in and around the streets of Historic Montgomery, Saturday. Kids will put this event on the calendars for next year. Parents for sure will. It’s not many places where you can find hours of fun and free entertainment that is safe and family friendly. It is one of the great characteristics that make Montgomery such a great city.

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