Thanksgiving and holiday weekend weather for The Woodlands

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 11/22/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – With luck, you’re already released from work or school obligations and are enjoying the onset of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend – or that you will be within a matter of minutes or hours – but Woodlands Online never takes time off from keeping you updated on the latest weather. Here’s your forecast for the next five days courtesy of the Woodlands Online Weather Team.

Cool, breezy, and maybe a little damp

As our Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday continues into the afternoon, the steadily dropping dew point, humidity, and isobar count will all turn around and start rising, even as the mounting winds suddenly take a nosedive. Our high of about 59 will hit shortly after lunch, but the bright sunlight will quickly be blotted out by a swarm of clouds that will keep rising and finally peak at 100 percent coverage 24 hours later. By dinnertime, we’ll already be in the 40s, on our way for an overnight low of 39.

Thanksgiving will dawn under grey skies and temperatures that will struggle to make it through the 50s. Moderate winds will keep the damp air slapping against your cheeks should you venture outdoors, and beware the possibility of a spate of rain right in the middle of the afternoon. The blanket of clouds and rising dew point will keep the day a tad warmer and our low early the next morning will hit the mid 40s.

On Friday, as you rouse yourself from your tryptophan comas, the clouds will have started to dissipate and the sun will shine brightly as things warm up to about ten degrees warmer than the same time the day before. The winds will stiffen up a bit as well, making for pleasant weather suited for light jackets and long walks. The high of 67 will shift relatively slightly downwards to a low of 47.

The warming trend continues (and finally stops) on Saturday, as the morning starts off with partly cloudy skies, moderate winds out of the east, and mounting humidity. We’ll make it all the way up to 68 for a high – with nothing added to the heat index – but as the day progresses the pressure will crater and the clouds will return with a vengeance. The day and the resulting overnight low of 52 will be our warmest for a while, and the impending precipitation will make this the last day for a bit to inspire you to enjoy the outdoors.

As Saturday segues into Sunday overnight, the rains will come blitzing through, and the entire Sunday morning will be filled with showers and total cloud coverage. Spiking winds out of the north will not help matters as our high only makes it barely above 60 degrees. The chances of rain will lessen in the afternoon, but they won’t disappear entirely; and in fact will stick around to some extent all through the next week with temperatures that get nowhere near the 70s. At long last, winter will have arrived…

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