Woodlands Online Weather Alert – Thundery Thursday

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 11/29/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The relative stillness of Wednesday is about to get a lot louder – in the form of thunder and rain – as we roll into Thursday. On its way is a storm of enough magnitude to cancel events and put The Woodlands on alert.

We’ve already hit our Wednesday high of 67 and are rapidly on our way to settling for an overnight low of 57; in fact, we’ll be in the 50s by early evening tonight until well after dawn tomorrow. Not that you’ll be able to see the sun rise; the skies will be completely blotted out with grey clouds.

Tonight, as the pressure system crashes down to as low as it can get and the humidity and dew point both skyrocket to near maximum as the southeasterly winds start to howl, you can expect the rains to start off slow but steadily build to full-fledged storms. At breakfast time on Thursday, we’ll be at 100 percent chance of rain throughout The Woodlands. About an inch of rain will be dropped all over the area, lasting most – if not all – of the day, which will reach a high all the way up to 70. This is not the day to head outdoors without an umbrella and overcoat, and definitely not the day to get behind the wheel of a car with balding tires.

As Thursday morphs into Friday, the rains, thunder and lightning, and winds will die down but not go away altogether as the temperatures stay about the same. The clouds will stay at near horizon-to-horizon capacity over the next couple of days, even as the pressure rises and things warm up and settle down for a bit.

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