Texas Military Department Occupies Shelby Park in Eagle Pass

By: Ruben Borjas Jr Reporter, Montgomery County News
| Published 01/12/2024

Eagle Pass - Photo Credit - Wikipedia

EAGLE PASS, TX -- In a show of force this week to stop the incredible influx of illegal migrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border at Eagle Pass, the Texas Army National Guard, under the direction of the Texas Military Department, forcibly ejected U.S. Border Patrol Agents from Shelby Park; a major crossing site for illegals under the bridges leading to Ports of Entry points 1 and 2 in Eagle Pass.

TXARNG Block Migrants to Enter Illegally

The occupation stems from the frustration of Texas State and Military officials to quell the masses of humanity crossing into the state illegally, allowed by the Biden Administration to purposely overwhelm the social safety net, and cause chaos in states and cities with crisis after crisis; which leads to economic collapse and anarchy. It is the grand design of Democrats who have it in their playbook, for the biggest power-grab by a political party in American history; with the eventual aim of turning America into a Communist country. The Dem playbook, under the chapter ’Cloward-Piven Strategy,’ was outlined in the mid-1960s, by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

Cloward and Piven’s master plan is simple. To kill Capitalism. And in many major Democrat cities, especially in Portland, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Philly, New York City, etc. they’ve been very successful. And in an example of ’You get what you voted for,’ law-abiding citizens of those same liberal cities are now faced with threats to their personal safety; and they have to reconcile themselves with the economic realities of businesses reducing hours, or outright closing their doors. All of it due to massive retail theft, overwhelmed demeaned and debased police officers, soft on crime District Attorneys, and drugged out homeless who steal anything and everything to pay for their next fix.

The brilliance of Governor Greg Abbott’s strategy to bus and now fly illegal migrants to Democrat sanctuary cities such as Chicago, Denver, and New York City, now have those cities reeling. They are encumbered with busted budgets, and numerous challenges which forces them to find housing for the new arrivals in hotels usually reserved for tourists; and in schools, to the point of recently kicking out students in order to house illegal migrants.

The madness has to stop, and the Texas National Guard’s move this week to deny access to the Border Patrol agents from accessing the river at Shelby Park, has got to have the Democrat talking heads in New York and Washington near the bursting point. No doubt the move has the approval of Governor Abbott, but also the legal low skilled workers in the State and across The Nation, whose livelihoods are threatened by the estimated 6-8 million new illegal arrivals. And since the Biden Administration took power in 2021 and allowed the border to leak like a sieve, millions of unvetted and destitute people from more than 60 nations have entered the United States. Many of which are of military age, and have no interest in assimilating into American society, nor seeing it succeed.

Texas has been instrumental in fighting the Federal Government for legal immigration. The floating barrier and razor wire placed along the Rio Grande by Governor Abbott are still in place, thanks to a U.S. appeals court injunction last month. The effort temporarily blocked the Biden Administration from destroying the razor wire or removing the water barricade, but this new action by the Texas Guard occupying Shelby Park, and overtaking a federal agency’s domain is unique, and most certainly will cause waves in Washington.

At stake is the federal government's responsibility involving immigration, and how a sitting President is able to influence to the detriment of The Nation, the office of the United States Customs and Border Protection, whose mission is to ’’Protect the American people, safeguard our borders, and enhance the nation’s economic prosperity.’’ Undoubtedly, the Border Patrol has good and qualified people that are able to abide by the aforementioned mantra, but are hamstrung by Washington’s directives. And by going against those initiatives, agents risk their harm to their careers.

Counter that with Texas’ obligation to its people, and its new law to arrest anyone who has illegally entered the State. And not to mention, Texas has been at the heart of border issues for decades, while Democrat sanctuary cities that previously touted wanting new border crossers for years, now have embarrassingly backtracked their statements, causing their cities to Cloward-Piven themselves into chaos.

President Trump’s border leadership during his term in office took pressure off of Texas, and other border states. Trump showed that it was possible to greatly deter illegal entries, when a federal agency was unleashed to actually do its job. Biden has done the complete opposite, and it has cost the country near half a trillion dollars in unneeded spending going against the law.

Texas has the moral high ground on the border issue, and it is simply protecting the interests of Texans, and really the entire Nation when you think about it. It can be compared to World War II when Britain fought Nazi Germany until the United States could enter the war. But in this case Donald Trump is the United States, so The Nation has to hang on until he gets in.

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